The $25,000 Case Study…If Only I Had Done This Sooner

$25,000 Group Coaching Case Study

That’s what one of my clients said to me in a recent video case study.

In this video she describes what life was like before coaching and what life is like after it…and it’s VERY different.

From struggling to sell access to a $29.00 a month membership site to doing $25,000.00 in sales in January alone.

The cool part?

She only helped 5 people with their problem…at $5000 a piece.

Oh, and in a niche where most people only spend maybe $249 to $500.

So HOW does something like this happen you may be wondering?

It’s simple and I’ll give you the answer with no hype:

#1: She Invested In Herself – The minute you invest in yourself at whatever number…you begin to operate at that level of play and performance.

Someone who invests $5000 to get a result shows up far differently than someone who pays $249…

…because they ARE different.

The attitude toward seizing the desired result is going to be far more dramatic when the person has invested $5000 as apposed to the person paying $249.

#2: She Eliminated The Incongruence In Her Business – This is one of the biggest dream stealers I notice when speaking to experts, specialists and 1on1 coaches.

In her case study video my client shares with you what was incongruent in her business and that when she got clear on it…she eliminated it…

…by completely ditching her $29 membership model UNTIl she was congruent.

In the meantime, we turned her problem into profits….to the tune of $25,000 by offering a high-end group coaching package.

#3: She Mastered Strategic Communication – This is a two-step approach:

a) she had to know precisely who she was going to be the hero to and ensure they had the mental, emotional and financial means to invest in eliminating their problem.

So that means her prospect had to already KNOW they had the problem.

b) Once she identified that ideal prospect, she started speaking about
what was important to that ideal prospect…NOT what was important to her.

#4: She Invited ONLY The Right People To Work With: And this is the kicker.

When you’re doing this kind of work…you don’t just take money from whoever wants to give it to you. You choose ONLY the people who you know are the right fit to DO the work.

Because you’re offering High Ticket GROUP coaching…you want the dynamic of the group to be awesome.

So inviting “Bad Apples” into your program only causes the dynamic of the group to suck.

So we have a responsibility to only invite people who have the right attitude and work ethic.

When you do that…showing up every day is a BLAST:

Check out Bess’s case study video below:

[Video Case Study] From $29.00 to $25,000.00

To Your Success,


P.S. I know you have the skills, the talent and the chops to help people make a huge transformation in their lives…

…perhaps it’s time you implemented a simple business system that is worthy of such. You can take the first step by checking out her story here.

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