3 Key Questions That Define Your Day

What Will Be Your Legacy

Don’t take for granted the video I shot seeing that it was right off the hook while driving yesterday. (Yes I know, bad Tony)

When I said I have been thinking a lot about my mortality I really should have used the word legacy.

I’ve just been thinking a lot about what will I be remembered for when I’m gone.

Imagine for just a moment, what will you be remembered for?

Not sure? Or worse yet maybe you think your contribution doesn’t really matter?

Well I thought the same thing and I’m making it a point to put some of the universes energy to work for me in a way that I’ve not done before.

Our lives are made up of days and ultimately it’s the quality of our days that defines our lives.

3 Questions Can Define Your Day

I have to admit I get frustrated like a lot of people when I look at the state of affairs in the U.S.

Seth Godin hit it on the head with his post How Far Away Is Your Emergency.

I’m know it’s still immaturity on my part that I think this but I’ll say it anyway. It creeps into my mind at times that the majority of Americans are lazy procrastinating self absorbed individuals who feel they are victimized by the system. (Yup I’ll get some flack for that)

Do I really believe that?

Not at all, It’s my ego attempting to make me feel separate from that which I am ultimately one with. (We despise in others what we despise most about ourselves)

I am working on making my contribution daily to work with those who desire awareness financially, spiritually & emotionally.

Do I get off track? Yup

Do I beat myself up? Yup

Do I get back on the horse? Yup

Is it worth every minute? Yup

It’s just as much an exercise in awareness for myself when I serve others.

How did I come to this realization?

There are 3 questions that I believe will help you define your day proactively before it even starts:

  1. What am I grateful for today?
  2. Who can I lift up today and make feel good about themselves?
  3. What will I do today to help make an impact on how me and my lifes message is remembered?

It’s Not About Me Or You

It’s about those we come into contact with who are still looking for solutions to their problems, however big or small those problems seem to you and me.

These 3 questions I believe help define your day and lead you to a powerful path of contribution to others. (And to not think of the vast majority of Americans in a negative light as I admitted)

If you find yourself maybe unclear or lost through out the day revert back to these 3 questions and see how good it feels to give to someone and contribute.

I know it seems that it’s all about us, but after we’re gone from here our memory is all that remains.

What do you want to be remembered for?

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