3 Levels of Learning-From Insight to Transformation

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The Ideal Level Of Learning

Where does the learning stop and the living begin?

Well of course we know learning never really stops. At least if you want to keep growing, you’ll want to always keep learning.

So how do you maintain the student factor and implement the new found info with a busy life, running a business or having a job?

I have to give credit to Eben Pagan who talks about 3 levels of learning:

  1. Insight-Insight is where you intellectually get something. This may sound like, “ahhh I get it now.” Or “Nooow it makes sense.” You get it mentally however it isn’t really learned it’s just intellectually understood.
  2. Action– This is where you put your new found insight into action. You take action on it and get real world feedback. It’s starts in our physiology and begins to transfer into emotional change.
  3. Transformation-This is when you change your self image. When you begin to see yourself differently your behaviors change and many things happen on their own, like further insights and actions.

Breaking Down The Levels

1. Insight for many of us this may be reading a book, going through a seminar or listening to audio’s. For some it may be going through a class or a course in college or a school. These¬† are common ways of consuming content that you and I feel may educate us to an end result. I’ve listened to thousands of hours of audios, read hundreds of books and been to lots more seminars than I can count right now as of this writing.

All for what?

Insight which would bring me clarity on a particular subject or process.

I know for me I completely confused knowledge with wisdom for years. Just because I had an insight and could maybe spout it off, (Which made me sound wise) I really had nothing more than the knowledge. Knowledge is organized data, nothing more. This is why scholars and professors aren’t running businesses, because it takes more than theory and knowledge to have real world experiences & get results.

Although knowledge can be power, its only powerful if you do something with it.

2. Action-This can be the scariest part for you and I. Putting new found knowledge into action. I see it every day with people in my business that I’m coaching. So what is it that can lead a person to be motivated to take action?

“The hidden component between insight and action is priorities.”-Wyatt Woodsmall

How do you know what your priority is? Whatever you hold as your highest value.

What is your highest values? Here is a list of value(s) to choose from. Take some time to list out what is most important to you. These are just few of mine:

  • contribution
  • adventure
  • awareness
  • consciousness
  • creativity
  • empathy

Now ask yourself, is what you’re today, align with the values that you just listed out? This may point out why you’re not living at your peak potential. You’re values don’t align with what you’re doing.

What are you most passionate about and how does it align with your values you listed out?

Now that you’ve listed out your passion(s) that are aligned with your highest values, plan and take physical action on them. Then wait for feedback from the world. (This is very condensed and could be a post unto itself which I will do later)

Tony Robbins even mentions the fact that if you want to change your psychology you must change your physiology. Motion creates emotion.

3. Transformation-I thought this was a profound aspect of what Eben talks about. When I blogged about What About You Do You Believe, I was really talking about your self image. How do you see yourself?¬† Look at the folks I featured in that post and you get some idea of how they see themselves. It’s reflected in how they are projecting themselves through their marketing. Hence why I believe these people to be so authentic in their behaviors & missions.

Keep in mind these people I featured started because they saw themselves differently. They transformed from the inside.

They are no longer operating from just insights they had but operating from the results of the actions they have taken and real world feedback they have received.

Like Einstein says, once your mind has stretched it can’t go back. You operate from a completely higher level of consciousness.

I have to say that based on these 3 levels, I’ve bounced back and forth between level 1 and 2 quite a bit before I found myself breaking through to step 3. I’m still going through much exploration and experimenting on myself as I’m making many personal breakthroughs lately.

How have you found yourself going from insight to transformation of self? Differently, similarly?

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