3 Myths You Can Ignore Before Creating & Selling Your Next Signature Program TPIP: 0032

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Are these 3 myths keeping you from successfully launching your first high ticket signature coaching program? In Episode 0032 I’ll share with you not only what they are but how you can move through them so you finally make the profit and impact you want.

Partial Transcription:
If you’re an expert or coach and you don’t have a high ticket program in place you’re leaving impact and money on the table.


[ctt title=”…there are people out there RIGHT NOW who need the transformation you facilitate. ” tweet=”http://ctt.ec/T2c55+ are people out there RIGHT NOW who need the transformation you facilitate. ” coverup=”T2c55″]


And if you don’t do it – someone else will come along and do it for them instead.

But you have your reasons for not doing it yet right?

Well here are 3 myths I hear from people every day that stop them from creating and successfully launching their first high ticket coaching program.

Myth #1: I’m Scared – I’m afraid no one will want it

[listen to the podcast for the full answer]

Myth #2:  I need a huge audience before I launch a product

Totally not true…I’ve personally helped clients sell a $997 product into a list of 250 subscribers who only had bought a $50 – 30 day program.

We did 7 sales!

Myth #3:  I want it to sell it for $197 so everyone can access it

Big mistake in my opinion. Lots of my clients who first came to me couldn’t have imagined selling something for $1000 to $5000 but that’s the first big distinction you want to make – people aren’t buying a program – they’re buying a RESULT.

$197 price tag  isn’t a signature program. It’s really just a step in what we call the ascension model – low ticket to high ticket.

The problem with that is if someone doesn’t like your low ticket information they may miss out on the transformation you provide at the high level.

Just by adding a group coaching component where you add a live Q&A to your training each week you increase the value because you can provide more immediate feedback.

In Closing:

At the end of the day you can make this process long and hard or you can make it quick and simple.

Most of my clients before working with me wanted to create the perfect program without making a mess.

They wanted the materials perfect and their delivery flawless – and the truth is that isn’t how it really happens at all. No one will tell you this though.

And the reality is – successfully launching your program starts WAY before you do any kind of major public launch. It starts with your list – which is why I only work with people who have an email list.

I can show you how to quickly and simply get your program pre-sold at a profit so you have 100% confirmation people are willing to buy it.

Quick and simple can be messy…and I’ve perfected a process that allows you to eliminate these problems and profitably launch your product in a stealthy manner.

So even IF it did flop – no one would know about it but you.

Yes it can by slightly messy but what if your clients were not only OK with it being messy but were actually excited about it?

What if you and your clients were actually REWARDED for it to being a little messy?

Well it’s not only possible – but it’s already happening. You can go to www.tonyteegarden.com/apply and see plenty of video case studies of previous clients who have done it.

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