3 Reasons Not To Read My Blog (Anymore)

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3 Reasons To Not Read My Blog

I’ve decided a few things over the past few weeks that will start taking place here at Tony Teegarden.com. I thought it prudent to inform you ahead of time so you can decide if these changes will impact your reading & participation from here on out.

Reason 1. Selling Stuff from the Blog

This has been a monkey on my back for the longest time and I’m finally giving it a banana so that it’s happy.

As you know I’ve got the Blog Action Class course available but so far that’s the only project I’ve been selling. I’m about to put out a free version of Blog Action Class to further assist new Bloggers with more clarity before they step into the main course. It will compliment the paid version and too my knowledge I haven’t seen something like it before.

Also I’ll be providing and charging for personal 1 on 1 consulting on:

  • personal development coaching
  • Beginners and intermediate blogging

Prices are now in the Products section of the blog. I’ve given a lot of free advice over the past 3 years in regards to personal development coaching and blogging & social media where people have benefited greatly.

You’ll see testimonials in the products section for both.

I have a few new things in the works.

  • I’ll be giving out a new report to my current subscribers
  • I’m opening up a limited amount of spots for an awesome 4 week paid group coaching program in regards to personal development and living your life out loud
  • Also an ebook is currently in the works too.

I’ll be selling affiliate products that I highly believe in. You’ll get full disclosure if or when I suggest them either from the blog or when you get an email from me as a subscriber.

If you’re not already an email subscriber, sign up to get access now to the current report Why You Won’t Be Succesful. It’s going to come down soon. It’s almost 4 years old but the information is timeless and valuable.

Reason 2. Swearing

Now I know I’ve dropped a few swear words here and there but I’ve always felt a bit unauthentic at times. Not because I have, but because there are times I really wanted to stress a point using something more, let’s say colorful.

Why didn’t I?

Because I was afraid I was going to offend someone or god forbid someone might not read my post because I used the “F” word to make the point. That pretty much breaks my rule of the social media self. How I am here is how I am off line at times. If I don’t share that part of me here then I’m not being real with you.

There’s a time and a place for everything and I don’t intend to use profanity all the time but by gosh if I feel like using it to make a point, I’m going to. I believe the value I’ve provided and will continue to provide will be what matters.

I don’t have any negative attachments to a cuss words. Matter of fact I see cuss words like I do sex. If you treat it as a taboo subject it gets 10 x’s the attention and energy. If it offends you then then my truth today is your gain tomorrow. There are millions of blogs to choose from and I just made it a little bit easier for you.

If you’re Ok with this then get ready for Reason 3.

Reason 3. Value But With Hard Hitting Truth

This could be a post on it’s own. Truth for the sake of getting it off of my chest is one thing and mind you, it feels flipping great. But the fact is sharing my truth with you isn’t enough. Getting all of this stuff off my chest this past year isn’t what brings you true lasting value. It may provide insight but is that really enough?

Insight without action is a dream.-Me

Hard hitting truth combined with actionable steps and lots of love can seriously assist you in creating the life that juices you. A life that you seriously dig and live out loud regardless of who’s listening.

The only way to life a life out loud in my opinion is through engaging your truths even if they hit you hard and scare the shit out of.

My truths, your truths and the truth that some of us are here to do this thing together are all that matter.

The fact is the truth isn’t always pretty, It’s not always easy and it’s mostly messy getting through to it.

So here’s the point. The stuff I share here will focus on positive outcomes still, matter o’ fact steps and great insight but the fact is, I’ll mash some buttons when I do. Yours and probably mine alike, so we’re in this together.

Don’t get mad when I do, get glad. There’s always a gift in whatever emotions come up.

Chances are when something hits you wrong emotionally you need to not lash out it, shy away from it or ignore it anymore. You should aspire to be in a place where you stop and say “Wait, what’s this all about?”

Maybe like with the cussing thing. I had to really embrace the resistance I was going through with not doing it. It kept persisting with me and that was energy that got tied up. I wasn’t being me! NOT COOL.

What you resist, persist. What you fight you get more of.” ~ Carl Jung, 1875-1961

  • Will I lose you as a reader?
  • Will you judge me and see me as trailer trash
  • Will you think I’m unprofessional
  • Will you not accept all of me for this part of me

The fact is, when you get to really know me, this is a part of who I am right now but it’s not all of who I am. I do use the “F” word from time to time.  Will you not accept all of me for that part of me? Maybe that’s the part of you that needs to be looked into because the world is a mirror. Not that you have to turn around and start using it for it to be Ok but what are your judgments around it?

If you were to say yes to all of the above points there would be gift in each answer instead of a fear.

  • Yes I could lose you as a reader
  • Yes you could judge me
  • Yes you could think I’m unprofessional
  • Yes you could not accept me for this part of me

I can’t be everything to everybody. Nor should I try to be, nor should you. But the fact is, everything is in everybody.  Resentment, jealousy, anger, laziness, judgment you name it! Your resistance to any language is your attachment to it, not mine.  That is what you’d want to investigate. This is happening in all kinds of places in your life, my life and everyone elses lives for that matter.

Don’t let anyone fool you, this is an example of hard hitting truths that people aren’t willing to face. These are the shadows we all live with and until we step out of the shadow parts of our selves the untruths will always be there zapping our energy.

This one particular issue is my truth and it takes my energy no more.

That’s my hard hitting truth and you can expect more.

Note: * The site will be going through some cosmetic changes and will probably not be happening all at one time. I’m moving over to the new Headway Theme 1.6 version. (Affiliate link)

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