3 Ways To Capture Your Markets Heart And Make An Impact For Life

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Marketing To Peoples Hearts

I want you to consider a few things and even writing down the answers before you start digging into this post:

  • What does it take to make an impact?
  • What does it take to create a movement?
  • What does it take to evoke emotion with in people?
  • Why would any of this be important to you as a marketer or a blogger?

These are the questions I’ve been asking of myself since the passing of Michael Jackson. I had already touched on this subject somewhat when I posted, Is My Product Just a Product or An Idea That Lives On. However I wanted to dig into this a little deeper for myself and you.

I wanted to write this right away but I decided to wait. I didn’t want to be on the band wagon but at the same time I really wanted to put some thought into this post.

Why are people really mourning the passing of Michael Jackson? I believe it’s because he was able to lead people to dream.

Why did they go crazy for him when he was here in his hay day?

He had made an impact on himself early on in life, he used his talents and skills to create music that he was passionate about and created experiences for people.

The Science of Marketing Hope

I wrote the bulk of this on the 4th of July which stands for independence and freedom. Yet our minds keep us prisoner more than any 4 walls or government could. Keep in mind I’ve borrowed some of this post from one I actually wrote years ago because I felt it is very relevant to the topic.

What did Michael Jackson do but inspire and put music in peoples hearts, more importantly he freed our minds for a moment while we lived in his music.

As I study Frank Kern, Eben Pagan Jeff Walker, Dan Kennedy and others I understand there is a science to capturing your markets heart and making an impact. But making an impact far beyond the moment of purchase and over several decades and millions of people later is amazing to me. Far beyond the point of impact his message resonated.

What does that?

Consider this for a moment:

  • People don’t want the stuff, they want the experience or the feeling that the stuff will give them
  • People don’t want the drill they want the hole that it will give them
  • People don’t want the widget you’re marketing, they want they solution that it provides to their problem

As an entertainer what did Michael Jackson really sell?

He sold a solution to everyone called hope. Hate him or love him he made and impact through several generations and will for decades after today.

Hope isn’t an action plan but it is an incentive to take action.”-Me

How can you apply this to your business, social media campaign or marketing efforts? Identifying these will help you know if you’re on track.

  1. Identify your passion(s)
  2. Identify your audiences passion
  3. Identify your skills or talents that you can utilize in order to bring your message to them in a way it resonates

Let me give you a real world example:

I recently come to the revelation that I enjoy creating music and implementing it into my marketing, blogging and branding efforts. I know it’s time consuming and probably not the best idea from a time management perspective but you know what? I’m passionate about it.

So here is the 3 step formula:

  1. I’m passionate about creating music that inspires as well as personal development and studying human dynamics
  2. My audience who reads this blog is passionate about personal development, human dynamics, growth and wealth
  3. I’m good at putting music together and integrating it into marketing/blogging with inspiring and informative pieces

How do I know this is true? Well Motivational Music and Video Represents Life is one of the most popular videos on this blog so it must resonate with my audience. Not to mention I just LOVED doing it. It’s totally inline with my core values and passions.(Yes I’m working on another really cool one that will be done soon)

Making An Impact On You First

“The depth and character of a leader is reflected in their results.”

Read that again. What are your thoughts on that phrase? Take a good hard long look at where you and your business or in life today.

I’m not sure where I’ve read or heard that quote from but it hit me with some experiences that I encountered in my home business a few years ago. It’s not the situation that we experience that determines our character. It’s the core values that we choose before hand that are important to us and determines how we respond to the situation. That is a reflection of our character.

Wayne Dyer also said it this way. “Situations don’t make a person they reveal a person.”

Meaning, we’ve already made a choice of what kind of person we are before the moment even arrives. It just so happens that many successful leaders/marketers who consciously choose their core values are much more aware of how to handle circumstances in a proper manner rather than those that are unconscious of their values and “wing it.” This is a reflection of the depth of a leader because the results don’t lie.

Great leaders/marketers understand this and look for this conscious and unconscious knowing in others with in their organizations or their audience. Pulling people up and helping develop them or provide them with solutions to their problems define good marketers and leaders. Add passion and you create a following.

The more clear you can become on your core values and commit to them the easier it is to make decisions about who you are in your marketing and feel good about it. Your passion and transparency can shine. This is all too important in the world of social media today.

You have an impact on all of those around you. It’s a matter of what kind of impact are you making on others? Is it a positive impact? Or a negative impact? Your depth as a conscious participant in life and as a leader becomes apparent to others with every choice you make based on your results. I’ve talked about this more in depth on leading in an unconscious community.

You aren’t able to escape this. For a short period of time you’ll be able to fool others and maybe even for a long time, but the only person you’ll fool is yourself. You can not fake the depth of a leader. Over time it will make itself apparent based not only on your personal results but also the results of your:

  1. Your Team
  2. Your Audience
  3. Your Customers

These 3 things are magnified in today’s world of social media. Fall out of alignment of your core values and it’s there for all the world to see and for some to exploit. (Hence transparency on borrowing this portion of my post from an older one is key)

Identifying Your Own Points of Personal Impact First

So to wrap up making an impact on your market, first identify your own personal points of impact. What impacts you!?!

  • Would you like to identify your core values and know what’s important to you?
  • To gain clarity and prosper with less effort and struggle?
  • To become more conscious of your daily decisions?
  • To have more of a sense of accomplishment when concluding your projects?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions then follow the below steps in order to get your own point of impact:

  1. Take time to write down core values that are important to you.
  2. Ask yourself if those that are around you are aware that you live by core values.
  3. Does your team/audience know you operate by a system of core values and do they know what those are?
  4. Do you have a mission statement for your business?
  5. Do you keep company that reflects your core values?

These 5 things alone can help bring clarity to your marketing, blogging and life efforts. This allows you to follow a path of fulfillment in your accomplishments and empowerment of those around you.

What kind of impact do you want to have in this world? How do you want to be remembered? I know you want to be remembered for the positive impact you made on those around you and even those that weren’t that close. You may not have to have as large an impact as say Michael Jackson but if you only impact a few peoples lives for the better and done it while living your passion you’ve done something great.

Start today with making an impact on yourself 🙂

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