Wealth Consciousness Can You Answer These 4 Questions

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Wealth Consciousness

In my opinion wealth consciousness is a path. An eventual enlightenment where you’re no longer owned by that which you desire to possess. (Worldly goods)

The wealth that I used to think was so important outside of myself, wasn’t. It’s an external extension of my ego which is always going to desire more.

So how then are you motivated to achieve & move forward in an authentic fashion and still be profitable?

I believe it goes deeper than just “I want more.”

  • Why do you want more?
  • What exactly is more anyway?
  • More of what will sustain you & fulfill you?
  • How will you know you got it and what will it feel like?

Powerful questions that if gone unanswered, may keep you in a position of lack, want and confusion. I’ll ask you about this later.

How-To’s Are Not Enough

There is a book I reference all the time called “If How-To’s We’re Enough, We Would All Be Skinny Rich & Happy” by Brian Klemmer. Great read that I recommend to anyone looking to understand the psychology beneath our unconscious wants. (i.e. Ego)

Nine years ago when I knew why I wanted a new lifestyle, the details surrounding the how-to’s weren’t as important to me as just out right taking action. Any action. I just wanted to make a massive change.

I looked up one day and what I was doing no longer had a deeper meaning. The money I was making no longer was the result of serving others and certainly wasn’t fulfilling. It was good money but the writing was on the wall. I dreaded Monday mornings.

Depending on your personality type you’ll approach this differently I’m sure. For me, being big picture & results motivated, it was about action & change. The pain was finally too great and I knew I desired a different lifestyle.

I was running from a lifestyle of 70 hours a week and running to a lifestyle of freedom. Which one was more powerful? Running away of course was in the beginning I admit.

What does it take for you to take action towards your desired outcome? Running from or to?

If it takes someone challenging you to take action then that’s great to get the home fire’s burning but then what? After you’ve accomplished the challenge? What about when the fire is out, what will you run from then? Make no doubt when someone challenges you you’re ego interprets it as challenging it’s worth. It’s life.

Your ego will immediately rush to accomplish the task in order to protect the ego from embarrassment or it’s death. It’s short term motivation and unhealthy in my opinion (I’ve done it a LOT in my life) but can serve a means to an end as long as you’re aware of it.

Resources And Resourcefulness

Here is something to wrap your brain around.

When I finally made the switch to start my home based business 9 years ago, I didn’t have the extra $429.00 to start it.

I was making good money but was just as broke as anyone else but on a different level. As one of my mentors says, there are lots of people who look good, smell good and sound good but are still broke. That was me.

It was at this point that I knew there was nothing standing in the way of my freedom. I felt like a trapped rat and I was going to do whatever it ethically took in order to get out.

The resources are all around us at any point and time. You must embrace this fact. It’s only your ability to open your mind and release yourself from it’s prison to see these resources. Whether they be. Mental resources, emotional resources, physical relationships…whatever.

I actually looked around for where extra cash could be created with out borrowing and here is what I came up with.

  1. I drove a Lexus SC300 at the time and the payments on it were $249.00 a month. My wife at the time realized we could defer the payment legitimately to the end of the loan one time only. So we did.
  2. We then had a yard sale to come up with the other $180.00.

The rest is history where had we (I give my ex-wife much of the financial creativity credit) not became resourceful the resources would have never been found. This was the evolving of a wealth consciousness.

Today I run to not from. This has been a learning process for me and I hope it brings a consciousness to your situation if needed.

But My Situation Is Different

No, it isn’t. The context of which you view your situation is different, but not your situation. Don’t be one of the mentally lazy in the U.S.

There are children in 3rd world countries that want to know how to read but have to wonder where their next meal is coming from. However a small percentage of those children do find their way to become doctors & lawyers against what some consider unbeatable odds.

How is that possible?

What’s different about these children and their situation is their attitude, their environment and their resourcefulness.

Like Jim Rohn says in his Take Charge of Your Life series:

How long would you give your child to pass the 4th grade?

It goes with out saying we’d give them a year. However…

The challenge I feel is this. After many people graduate high school or a college, they stop learning at a reasonable rate and pushing themselves. (Outside of their job’s minimum requirements that is)

Much of the population aren’t motivated by external factors anymore that were set forth for them by teachers & their curriculum’s.

Quite frankly based on the results they aren’t motivated by much. Two years ago Nido Quben stated that immigrants to the U.S. were 4x’s more likely to become millionaires.

Nido says the reason is:

From their heart, from their soul, from their being and from their beliefs drives all that they are and all they can therefor can become.

Somewhere along the way they get lost, mentally bought into doing something even if they didn’t like it, like getting a job where they aren’t happy but the pay is good.

What’s different about your situation is your beliefs, your attitude surrounding those beliefs, your environment that supports those beliefs and your resourcefulness to implement your beliefs and sustain them.  The good news is you have control over all four starting today.

Are you learning at a reasonable rate?

One of my very good friends always asks, “what’s your personal development plan?”

What are you reading, listening to and hanging around?

What’s Your Motivation

Wealth consciousness isn’t just money. The money is a result of providing value. In my opinion fulfillment doesn’t come only from the cash (It helps in creating new & fulfilling experiences I agree)

So I have to ask these 4 questions again.

I’m curious:

  • Why do you want more?
  • What exactly does more mean to you anyway?
  • More of what will sustain you & fulfill you?
  • How will you know you got it and what will it feel like?

Contribute your feedback, I’d like to get a different perspective on these questions.

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