5 Steps To Gaining Self Confidence

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Rules of Gaining Self Confidence

Self confidence is something that is learned either consciously or unconsciously. It’s not a gift as some people want to imagine.

There are a few factors that tie into your self confidence that I want to go over.

Step 1. You’re Personal Assessment:

Are you suffering from low self esteem?

Depending on where you’re at in life you may be overcoming low self esteem. Low self esteem is something I believe I was in denial about for years. I wouldn’t admit to such a thing and of course I never seemed to have such an issue had met me.

Low self esteem is rather rampant in my opinion through out the U.S. and it can come from as early as childhood. Quite a few factors can play into low self esteem. Since years past now I’ve read many self esteem books to understand where it starts and where you can start to improve upon it.

One of my current favorites is from Joe Rubino. One of the very best programs on improving self esteem and getting self esteem help.

Step 2. Determining if self help is appropriate or personal coaching

This can be a tricky area. Based on your assessment many people are able to self help themselves & improve their confidence. Meaning: reading a self help book on gaining confidence, listening to a self help cd or attending a work shop.

Self help motivation is tricky at times and many people are capable of doing it. You just have to ask yourself if you’re tired of your lack of confidence impeding on the quality of your life?

Step 3. Taking action towards improvement everyday with a plan:

For example if you have a lack of confidence about speaking in front of groups of people but yet you want to over come the fear and anxiety, put yourself in the way of support.

Attend toast masters and speak in front of others that are probably just as nervous but excited about getting better. Your associations can mean everything and whether or not you overcome your confidence issue.

Speak in front of a mirror every day and get comfortable with yourself. Record yourself and listen back to it or even better video yourself speaking! Critique how you sound, listen if you say “Um” a lot and quite simply laugh at yourself if you’re not that good to begin with!

Never the less take daily action and make it a habit! You can apply this type of action with out the need of coaching or professional help if you’re on a tight budget. (Which lots of people are)

Step 4. Embrace Change and Be Ok With it

I’ve blogged on embracing change and it’s not always easy for lots of people. If you want to get the insight on this step go back and read Are You Standing In Your Truth

Step 5. Work On Constant Awareness Daily

This is probably the key once you become aware of your self confidence growing. I don’t believe in self improvement because I believe you and I are already everything we need to be already. We only require shedding the skin of what the world says we should be.

One way to stay in awareness is meditation daily. Some people call it prayer & some people just call it being present in the moment. Regardless of what you want to call it, it’s helpful in finding that zero place and regaining an inward balance & peace.

Another way is I ask myself 3 key questions that define my day. After meditation this isĀ  a fantastic way to set in motion the wonders of a fantastic day.

Gaining Self Confidence Is A Process

Tony Robbins said it in a great way that way that I quoted in my free report Why You Won’t Be Successful. I encourage if you haven’t read it yet that you opt in to my news letter and read it right away.

It’s not just self improvement products that help you with daily life improvements such as confidence. It starts with your desire for change and a better quality of life! Once you have that in place you’re open to the products and coaching to have an effect in your life.

If you struggle with self esteem issues, a lack of confidence or believe you may, this report will definitely shake your foundations and take you to the next step of improving your self confidence. It’s an excellent companion to this post.

PleaseĀ  give me your thoughts and if there is anything to this list you’d like to add post a comment!

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