5 Steps To Eliminate Your Personal Prejudices

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Your Personal Prejudices

“We can get the new world we want, if we want it enough to abandon our prejudices, every day, everywhere. We can build this world if we practice now what we said we were fighting for.” -Novelist Gwen Bristow

I’m not eluding to being prejudice of other people.

Consider this, what could your life be like if you could consciously abandon prejudices you have around your life experiences?

What a concept right? I read that and said, “If a person was to apply this philosophy (Which could be life changing) where would they have to start?

  1. By acknowledging the prejudices in your life
  2. Understanding the origin of the prejudice
  3. By accepting responsibility of the program that leads to the prejudice
  4. Forgiving themselves
  5. Loving themselves for learning the lesson

(his simple 5 step process is something not uncommon to the Sadonna method)

You can’t run from your prejudices. Why?

It’s our prejudices that are keeping us bottle necked in business, finance, relationships or spirituality. Mental & emotional programs are responsible for nearly 90% percent of all the actions we make. We aren’t even consciously in control of most of our thoughts. (Yes you can challenge me on this one)

These programs are developed by an extremely early age and held onto into our adult life. Many of these programs do NOT serve us in creating the world we want. Why? Because those programs lead us to have prejudices that we believe are true, but don’t serve us.

Example: “You must be honest and work hard if you want to get by in life.


Is it true that there are a lot of honest hard working people in the world that are still broke? YES! The prejudice in this case is that only hard working people are honest. Anyone with money must have gotten it dishonestly and probably didn’t work hard for it.

How many people carry that one around but yet say they want more wealth in their life? This is also called a competing commitment.

Understanding The Origin

Now it’s not enough to be aware of the prejudice. (Although that’s an excellent start) The next thing is to understand where your prejudice originated from. Could it be that you heard your mother or father say those very words when you were growing up? And if you heard them say those words and they were still financially struggling, would you buy into that as a belief?

YES you would because it was your experience, you internalized it and so it became a truth to you!

Accepting Responsibility

I agree this step and the forgiveness step I went into complete resistance about. Mainly because I didn’t see where I was the one that was responsible for the incident that created the belief in the first place.

This may well be true but you and I have the choice to be conscious of the fact that we can break the cycle. We have the ability to decide how we will respond to the situation. This is where responsibility assists us in an internal shift. It’s so powerful to realize you have the ability & the power to shift internally.

If we’re to embrace true freedom then we can choose to take responsibility of the programs that we bought into as a child once we lovingly acknowledge them. Realize that even though our parents may have meant well, they still didn’t get the result they wanted based on their philosophy of be honest and work hard. (Or insert xyz belief)

So create a different belief!

Forgiving Yourself

Once you’ve taken responsibility for the program now you can forgive yourself for those past beliefs.

You will probably feel the bottle necked energy start to slip away at this point. Especially after you have let go of the resistance that you shouldn’t be forgiving yourself over events that you believe you didn’t create anyway. (i.e. child abuse, a traumatic experience or whatever event happened as a child or young adult)

Acknowledging these beliefs are not serving you in the moment and forgiving them is key. (This is a very important step to wipe the slate clean so that you replace the program with something that does serve your vision)

Loving Yourself

Now love yourself for learning the lesson and be proud that you faced your self limiting programs head on! Acknowledging & Loving of yourself because you did this is very important.

This step is like tying your shoes before you go running. Sure you can put on socks, put your feet in the shoes and you’re protecting your feet but if you miss that last important step you could find yourself getting tripped up in your journey.

Face your fears and love yourself for it. People will be more attracted to you because of it!

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