52 Little Wisdom’s (Personal Quotes)

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52 Quotes Of Personal Wisdom

So over the past year or two I started sharing what I call, little wisdom’s on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter. Some would call them motivational tips.

Personally it’s a lot more fun for me to come listen to my inner wisdom and find these little nuggets.

Quite frankly I believe we all have a lot of wisdom to share in order to help lift up those around us. I’ve been practicing listening to my inner wisdom and sharing whatever the hell comes out lately.

I’ve gotten some really good feedback from them and thought I’d compile some of them here for you to reflect on and if they so move you, and you feel they are motivational tips that inspire, put them into action as well.

I’d love your feedback on them and if you would, please share them with your friends so that these quotes may shed more light on their day!

You never now how they may impact someones day for the better.


  • “Where clarity prevails, purpose can lead and action will follow.”
  • “It only takes ONE good reason to over come a multitude of excuses.”
  • “You can know a lot but accomplish very little, Action is still required no matter how much you learn.”
  • “The less you plan the more outside influences plan for you-and they usually don’t have your best interest at heart.”
  • “The lessons never stop coming only you deciding to not learn from them. Learn to embrace the lessons that you attract with who you are right now because you never know who you’re going to attract & impact tomorrow with who you’ve become.
  • “When you’re a leader, people are your projects.”
  • “Desire planning & persistence fueled by intelligent & Purposeful action equals Outstanding Results”
  • “When it comes to Social Media especially, if you stand up and listen it’s not hard to stand out”
  • “When I’m aligned with my greater sense of purpose I’ve found responsibility & discipline comes so much more naturally and easily than when I’m not.”
  • “Sales is nothing more than a transference of belief. If you think you can you can, if you thank you can’t, you can’t.”


  • “When you admire a quality or qualities in someone else it’s because they are reflecting the greatness that you have yet to claim of your own.”
  • “If you believe you’ve been broken then you most certainly are meant to be healed.”
  • “Do your best to consciously respond to situations rather than react. Reflect love to people rather than judgment or disdain. I choose to believe my world is a mirror. You judge in others what you most see in yourself.”
  • “My human form is the fountain of which god’s light comes forth. My goal is to connect to that source and allow that light to shine through me so that I may shine upon those around me.”
  • “If someone wants what they can’t have, it’s because they haven’t gone inside & acknowledged what they already got.”
  • “We couldn’t appreciate the light if we didn’t know what it was like to be in the dark”
  • “You don’t require more in order to be, you only require less. That means letting go of other peoples perceptions of you.“
  • “It’s up to you and me to aspire to a higher level of consciousness & of our awareness. This alone has the ability to improve our quality of lives. To shine light not only on our own shadows and embrace them but so that we may be brave enough to shine our light on other peoples lives as well.”
  • “You’re not a living human doing…You’re a living human being. Quit doing more with the belief you’ll become more. You are already whole, just embrace it.”
  • “When it comes to religion, just peal away all the things your ego requires in order to wrap itself around the concept of love & acceptance. Then you will begin to realize you’re a part of everything rather than just within something.”
  • “I don’t have to agree with everyone however I believe in their right to say what they believe. That’s the power of love. Love knows no race, age, color or religion. It’s my ego that feels the need to be “right” but I am reminded my spirit is firmly rooted in love, so there for I relinquish the need to be right.”

Personal Development

  • “People are only starved for love because they are eating the empty calories of life.”
  • “You have qualities about you that you judge. You are not them, they are only parts of you. See them as your protectors of your self like an over bearing mother. Acknowledge them, love them and tell them you’re going to live anyway. You’ll be ok and live out loud a lot more in the process.”
  • “Words are so powerful, they convey the thoughts you foster, and they reveal the real truth we carry behind the stories we tell ourselves and others.”
  • “Emotional Strength is the ability to be vulnerable without the concern of being seen as weak.”
  • “Creating a map of what we experience in our lives is only limited by what we are willing to let go of and what we’re willing to believe is possible.”
    “When your values are in line with your actions doing what’s right is effortless.”
  • “My concept of my self is everything I’ve believed about my experiences and my self up until here and now. It’s time I review what I have believed about myself in order to have some new experiences”
  • “When we’re in judgment of other peoples language, philosophies or ethics we’re incapable of being present in our own lives at that moment and being open to inspiration & new possibilities.”
  • “Generally speaking the reason one may have so much chaos happening on the outside is beacuse there is so much chaos going on unresolved on the inside.”
  • “Even as I look back on what I’ve done wrong, the lesson I got from it eventually served me so that I was able to do right.”
  • “If the driver is driven to take action, even if they aren’t always the right actions, with enough adjustments they will still arrive at the correct destination in their vehicle of choice. But if the driver isn’t driven to take action they shouldn’t complain about the vehicle, they should reflect on whose driving it.”
  • “Before you judge, attempt to understand. Once you understand you tend not to judge.”
  • “Most of what we want isn’t what we need & what we need isn’t what we want.”
  • “I believe it’s not always what you and I are willing to learn that will allow us to move forward with different results but what we’re letting to let go of so that you and I are able to embrace new beliefs and convictions with out resistance.”
  • “When you’re not able to forgive others it’s a good sign you you aren’t able to forgive yourself either.”
  • “If you’re holding yourself to a higher standard because of what other people think of you, does that mean you don’t think as much of yourself?”


  • “Our self perceived tragedies are our destinies. When you and I live in the present moment and no longer looking back, there in lies our gifts we find to present to the world.”
  • “Our self perceived tragedies can birth our destiny. There is always a gift as long as we shift that we are born of love.”
  • “Are you open to having a shift internally today that results in new experiences externally tomorrow? Risk living in the moment & you open yourself to emotions never felt and thoughts never acted on. Just do it today.”
  • “Being you gives people in your space permission to be them. So be more of you.”
  • “The reason we appreciate the scent of a flower, is because we only experience it for a moment.”
  • “Everyday is like a handful of clay, mold make it & shape it.”
  • “Every day you plant seeds with your emotions. Let it be gratitude that you plant so that it’s love that you harvest. How you feel inside today impacts how you live your life tomorrow.”
  • “We are everyone and everything. So live as if you wish to see it.”
  • “Being alive and actually living are two completely different things.”
  • “When I look back on my life I will reflect not resent. I will laugh and I will cry and over all I will feel I was beautifully human knowing that It was peeks and valleys that made the ride so much fun.”
  • “When a moments of clarity arrives don’t let it leave with out taking action on it. It’s like realizing you’re in love with someone and never telling them. What could be, never will unless you take action on it.”
  • “When day breaks and the light shines, your days creation is at your finger tips and only a thought away.”
  • “How do I know it’s possible to see my life with new eyes every day, breath nourishing breath into my body in each moment, love without caution with all my heart and live with passion like a limitless spirit? Because my world is a mirror and I see all of these things in you.”
  • “How can I lift up those around me today and make them feel good about themselves?”
    “You only need to take a moment and look inside yourself to realize you have everything you need. Chances are there are a few things you can get rid of and do with out”

So in closing here’s a motivational tip that I feel trumps lots of other motivational tips.

Follow your inner wisdom and what feels right or congruent with who you see yourself as. Take time out every day to listen for it. Some would call this meditation.

Align that feeling with thought, action and words in order to become effective at achieving excellence in your life.

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