6 People You Should Be Connected With Online For Self Growth

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Self Growth

No frills and no fluff. These are all just extremely cool people I’ve actually connected with in some form or fashion via email, blog comments, Skype or Twitter. When I say connected, I mean really connected, like… I’ve talked to. A special thank you to Therese Miu for inspiring me to do this post. Your inspired me to give back. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Therese Miu -She’s the whole reason I did this post actually. Mainly because of her amazing post: 12 Tips to strengthen your friendship: Why Likeability Matters in Life & Business. But also because Therese and I have connected & communicated quite a bit online in the past few months. I have to give her credit for starting the connection. She’s posts on everything in regards to love & light, passion and purpose. She’s an amazing spirit with a calming presence. (Be sure to watch some of her videos. She’s grounded, caring and insightful. I have a lot of love for her and the passions she brings to the table. She cares a lot, and you can tell.

2. Allison Nazarian– My dear Alli. You’ve noticed I’ve singled her out a few times here at the blog, and for good reason. I have to admit, she’s just awesome. (#andkicksass) I originally paid attention to her because of her copywriting skills but I soon found there is a lot more to her than just being a good copywriter. Her most recent post (Speaking In Explanation Points) that I acknowledged, really turned some lights on for me. For real. I’ve also connected & communicated with Alli quite a bit in the past few months via email & Twitter. She’s so awesomely transparent and I just love her insights that she seems so fragile about sharing. It’s what makes her so amazing and someone fun to learn from.

3. Mary Jacksch-Mary from Goodlifezen.com has an amazing blog dedicated to what I consider, the Best of Zen Development. She is an authorized Zen Master, psychotherapist and author. She has one of the most inviting and deeply concise blogs I’ve come across. I’m honored that she’ll be featuring a guest post by yours truly very soon. If you haven’t put her in your feed reader. Do so now.

4. Urban Monk-My friend Albert from Australia has one of the richest resources on self growth on the net. (At least that I Identify with) If you want extremely in depth and detailed articles on personal development and growth, look no further than Urban Monk. This site has more amazing content in it’s archives than you may have time to get to. The great thing is he has everything very neatly outlined for you making it immediately easy to access your topic of interest. He is someone I have a lot of respect for him as a person but also for his knowledge in human development, psychology and a passion for assisting us in reaching our fullest potential.

5. Elizabeth Pots WeinStein-What can I say about Elizabeth except she’s co-harts in crime with Allison Nazarian. (Ok, they’re actually just great friends) Truly though Elizabeth, along with Alli, have written more great stuffย  that seems to have given me permission to be more of who and what I am, more than any other bloggers as of late. Her latest post-I am A Writer-So What? Just floored me, for reasons I’ll be writing about very soon. She embodies transparency with out being tacky. She’s awesome, authentic and extremely cool. (Don’t worry Alli, #kickass is still all yours ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

6. Jonathan Mead-Jonathan is probably the one I’ve least actually communicated with, but I put him down because I’ve learned a LOT from this guy. (And he did email me his recent book I’m actually going to be doing a review of called, Reclaim Your Dreams (Not an Affiliate link).ย  I can only tell you the book is amazing stuff with actionable how to information along with very deep insight & philosophies. He’s a young guy with an extremely insightful and bright spirit. His recent blog post on How to Live Two Lives resonated strongly with me because I tend to have more than just one interest in life that I’m pursuing and that I’m extremely passionate about.

All of these folks are maybe what you consider Up and Coming in some peoples eyes. But in my eyes they are just being. They are all transparent, real and absolutely amazing people to get to know and learn from. It’s worked for me so far. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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