7 Tips To Escaping Mental Gravity And Gaining Effortless Direction In Your Life

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Escaping Mental Gravity

“By surrendering on the shores of knowing myself, I don’t struggle to break free from the gravity of my mind, but only to set sail on the wave of possibilities that wash upon it.”

What does it mean to surrender on the shores of knowing yourself and more importantly what does it get you?

First it means letting go of preconceived notions around who you should be or should have become at this point and time in life.

It means understanding yourself where you are, loving yourself for who you are and forgiving yourself for whatever you may have done or not done.

When you do, you begin to see things in this world that were always there, but were just filtered out of your perceptions.

You begin to connect with people and experience events that seem serendipitous.

Struggle and anxiety about who you are and where you’re going are replaced with effortless flow.

Opportunities come into your life one after another almost as in a windfall.

So how does one begin to escape mental gravity of who you were and begin to see things that are there waiting for you as you are?

Here are 6 Tips:

1. Discover Your Core Values

It’s no surprise I’ve spent a lot of time on core values lately, their power and how to discover them. I will continue because I feel it’s such a powerful starting point for anyone looking to gain effortless direction in their life. When I say effortless I mean that you don’t struggle with waking up in the morning and hating what you have to do that day. You actually look forward to it because you what you’re doing feels right. No one has to wake you up or motivate you to do it.

I’ve gone through this in the past and I damn choked myself emotionally and spiritually doing stuff that wasn’t in my highest values. (I only thought I should be doing those things)

I felt buried under a mountain of “this isn’t me” and it sucked.

2. Align Your Daily Actions With Your Core Values

By aligning your actions with your highest values, your daily actions become effortless to you. You ENJOY what you do everyday. You don’t always have to be making money from your core values although many people have found ways to do this. Why not get paid for stuff you love to do? Even if it’s just spare time part time to start.

By aligning your actions with your core values life doesn’t become as much of a struggle anymore. I don’t struggle because I love all the things I’m doing and I just so happen to be getting paid for it. That isn’t by accident, it’s by design.

3. Create A Bigger Vision For Yourself

If you want greater stability in your life, you’ll want a bigger cushion. What I mean by this is that if you want greater emotional and financial stability you’ll want to have a greater vision to be moving forward to. The reason someone can tolerate more risk financially when investing is because they have a bigger financial cushion. They started with the basics of saving their money. This way when experiencing any volatility in the market they don’t freak out.

The same can be said when approaching your lifes work. When you have a bigger vision (cushion) for yourself you no longer sweat some of the small stuff that comes your way. (known as volatility) You have something larger to focus on. That is called your purpose.

You’re not bogged down by the little stuff. You’re focused on participating in creating the big stuff.

4. Create A Strategy For Your Vision

Strategy is different from tactics. In social media and internet marketing I see lots of tactics (programs) being sold but rarely is anyone showing you how these tactics could be tied into your overall strategy. Probably because they are only interested in selling you their tactic. 😉

When you’re focused on creating an outcome in life, you will want to have a strategy and plan in place. Without strategy:

  • You don’t know what steps to take towards your vision
  • You can’t measure your activity to see if it’s in alignment with where you’re going

When you have a firm strategy and plan in place, you become very careful about the tactics you plug into it. Rarely will all of them that are presented to you fit into what you’re trying to accomplish.

5. Make You Your #1 Priority

Listen, no one else is waking up dedicated to making your life a success with no effort on your part. No one is going to do it for you. So your focus is to wake up everyday with you as your number one priority so that you are at your very best. Without this focus how much good are you to anyone else if you’re only operating at 50%? Your mindset, your health and your finances should be your first priority.

Claim your worth and value yourself in order to be most effective to everyone else.

6. Spend Time Focused On Your Vision Everyday

First thing in the morning I do meditation in order to make space with what is and to appreciate who I am today. I take this time to see my vision and greater purpose as it is in my heart and mind. I go within and see it, feel it and experience my role in it. No one will do this for me. Sure I will surround myself with people who support me and my vision but they won’t do my vision for me. Only with me.

By feeling your participation in your vision you own it, it becomes part of you and you move towards it in effortless fashion. Of course there are obstacles that may come up but when you internalize it nothing will stop you, it will only be there to challenge your resolve.

7. Confirm Your Alignment Everyday

This is different from spending time on your vision everyday. At the end of each evening spend time reflecting on if your words, thoughts and actions were in alignment with your over all strategy and plans. This way you know that Step 4 is working. This is the non woo woo aspect of the living consciously because it’s measurable and creates tangible results.

You can’t measure what you don’t collect.

By collecting your actions thoughts and words each evening and measuring them against what you said you were going to do, you support yourself and know if you’re on track or off. Is it work? Of course, does it feel good knowing what you did today was in alignment with your greatest good? Absolutely. You can’t buy that with Visa or Master Card nor can anyone can take it away from you. That’s power.

Your Life Is Awesome

It can’t go without being said that you may be doing some of these tips already. So the order is left up to your interpretation. (Thats’ why it isn’t called 7 Steps) If you’re not doing any of them, then start at the beginning. If you feel the need to change the order, do so.

It’s up to us to support one another in making life awesome. These 7 steps are only in your highest good whether you’re doing all of them or some of them.

When these steps are no longer a mystery you can create your own history.

Apply these 7 steps so that you allow yourself the greatest joy and maximum pleasure here in this lifetime. It’s your birthright to experience joy why you’re here. Make no bones about it, life can be challenging but why make it tougher on yourself?

Ease up and align yourself in such a way that you enjoy this ride called life rather than close your eyes on it.

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Now Rock On with your bad self 😉

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