A New World Of Networking (Becoming Connected)

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Leveraged Language Vs Linear Language

If you want to expand your influence, have people invite you into their networks and improve your positioning then pay close attention. Below is not how to do it…

How many times have you been at a networking event, been approached via Linkedin, Facebook or been invited to do coffee for a one on one where you’re to learn about how to help one another.

All of a sudden you find out you’re being pitched?

It’s happened to me on more than a few occasions in the past. I’ve even had MLM distributors push forms in front of me after talking at me for 45 minutes.

Its not a warm fuzzy feeling is it?

Nor do you feel you’ll be supporting this person by way of introductions anytime soon with referrals or introductions.

If you’re guilty of this or have been no worries. It all changes today.

Linear Language

This person didn’t understand the value of leveraged vs linear language or triading.

Don’t sweat it, I think lots of people early on in their networking have probably done it. I know, you’re passionate about what you do and think everyone is a candidate for your wares. Right?

Not true, and even if they were you want to heed some advice and think past the point of immediate sale.

Think reputation and think about word of mouth.

Linear language is where the person is just trying to pitch you and not thinking past the point of sale or building a relationship. The days of hard core pitching and closing the sale are soon fading if not already.

Imagine linear language as this:

“Hey Jim how are ya? Good to see you! Hey did you know I’m selling XYZ widgets now? People could save a TON of money if they bought one of these.  Here’s what it does….” (40 minutes later you’re still talking with the hopes they will want to buy your widget themselves)

Monopolizing peoples time at a networking function or even over a one on one & just pitching them is a no win situation. Not for the person you’re verbally abusing or for you because you’re debiting your social currency with every word you continue to spew.

This is called the shotgun effect. You spray them with facts, figures & stories in the hopes something sticks & they want to buy.

Leveraged Language

If you want to expand your influence, have people invite you into their networks and improve your personal brand-leveraged language and triading is the way to go.

It’s the same for in person networking or online social networking. If all you do is pitch don’t expect to get rich. Developing report, trust and a sincere relationship is key first and foremost.

  1. Don’t expect that everyone is interested in what you do. (Most aren’t)
  2. Law of reciprocity-Ask someone what they do and they will ask you what you do.
  3. Don’t puke on them about what you do wen they ask-just a quick concise blurb, then ask them more about what they do, how they got started or why they did.
  4. Ask them what is a good customer or prospect for them. If they aren’t looking for sales ask them what’s the most effective way you can support them.

Not all networking consists of someone looking for sales. Some are just looking to get connected. However if they are these above rules are even more crucial.

Transparency And Leverage

If you’re going to engage someone about your product or services directly in a networking situation make it clear you realize it may not be a good fit for them right up front. This implies you’re not trying to sell them something directly.

However you do value their opinion and you are open for referral business, but wouldn’t expect them to refer anyone if they didn’t know what you were doing.

When you do share what you do: Keep it short, concise and to the point while conveying value.

Remember people buy experiences & outcomes not products so make that your point.

This is called leveraged language. Even though they may not have a need themselves they can and will refer people to you if you’re authentic & transparent about your motives.

Not to mention they will be more apt to introduce you into their networks based on how you approached them & developed a relationship first.

How you do anything is how you do everything. If you’re pushy, obnoxious or self centered in your approach there’s no way they will allow you to do the same thing to their network. Your actions are a reflection on them.

The Next Level Of Getting Connected

This is the next level of getting connected that you really want to focus on.

I don’t even do so much of the leveraged approach these days because I’m just not in the mindset.

I’ve shifted from a value extraction to value added mindset.

Here’s what I mean.

One of the most effective ways to increase your influence and reach is called Triading. David Logan of Tribal Leadership teaches this practice and it’s what really separates you from anyone else from the above two steps I shared.

When you meet someone, get to understand their values and what drives them to do what they do. (This is a valuable skill to learn in itself)

Then introduce them to someone you know from a separate tribe, someone they don’t know that would add value to what they do.

Share with them both what you feel they may have in common in the form of values, direction or vision. By introducing these two people you add value to their businesses and lives. Implicitly your status and perception of value raises in their eyes and they will more than likely do the same.

Even if they don’t, I wouldn’t sweat it. I’ve found much more comes back to me in many other ways.

I’ve done this before I even knew what triading was and boy does it work. You can do this via online or offline too. Either one works. (Try it on Linkedin)

Networking isn’t about getting, it’s about connecting.

The quality of your network can and will reflect your net worth over time as you get better at it.

Do it right and people will support you in your endeavors by introducing you to others who help you become connected.

Your social currency is everything these days. Spend it wisely or you may find yourself very broke in more than one sense.

Next Steps

  • What about you?
  • Had any good or bad experiences in networking?
  • What would you add that has worked in getting connected?

Leave your comments below in the comments section.

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