TPIP Episode 0000: About Turn Your Problems Into Profits Podcast

Turn Your Problems Into Profit Podcast with Tony Teegarden

About Turn Your Problems Into Profits Podcast 


Your story & life experiences have lead you to where you are an in fact now demand premium marketing & positioning.


In this ground zero episode of Turn Your Problems Into Profits, you’ll be inspired to continually leverage your past challenges into your business and think and act bigger in regards to the impact you desire to make.

In this episode I’ll share with you:

  • Signs of Inner Wisdom and what it means in context of building an inspiring lifestyle business
  • How your natural talents can be your greatest asset (or your greatest downfall)
  • How your mission is nothing without the ability to fund it (and how to do that)
  • The one question that sabotages coaches & experts before they get out of he gate
  • The one fear that will keep you playing small and how to move THROUGH it
  • What this show can do for you and how it can change the direction of your professional and personal life

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