Are Any of These Values Yours?

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Values You Live By

What do you value most in life?

I can assure you whatever your values are, their impact is showing up in your life right now.

Your values shape how you see the world and how you show up in it.

Don’t value money?

Maybe that’s why so many people have so little of it right now?

Or maybe you think you value money but you have other values that are much more important to you and therefore they take precedence of it.

Maybe you think you value close relationships?

However look at the vast majority of relationships in your life right now and their state? Do you honestly value deep loving relationships with the men and women in your life? (I said loving not intimate 😉 )

Kanye West is realizing he needs to reassess his values because the ones he lived by, have had a major impact on his business, relationships with his fans and his income. Laying off employees and closing the doors to your clothing store because of your past actions (actions based on values) will definitely have you reevaluating what you value most.

It’s usually not until someone experiences negative effects on the outside that they start to reassess what’s going on on the inside. And even then that can be a process of awareness on their part.

What will you value when you’re experiencing your last breath?

The memories you create tomorrow are based on the values you live by today.

Here are values I’ve discovered over the past year that are congruent with my current self and how I interpret them.

I’ve had to consciously create space for these to show up. Making a space and allowing my higher purpose to make itself present has seemed elusive but today I realize it’s just part of the process that’s required.

Sometimes you wake up and you know what that purpose is. For the rest of us, you discover it through a process of steps, experiences and relationships.

However it happens, be open to it and allow it to come into your life.

The higher good or purpose of an individual or group cannot be forced upon them. The highest good or purpose can only be discovered through process and experience.

If anything the journey to discovery can make for one hell of a story and can make you that much more confident in life.

I share these values openly with you today:

My Core Values

Freedom – I am most attached to freedom emotionally, spiritually and physically speaking. I realize my new lesson may be to find this freedom even when my physical self may be arrested from freedom. (Desmond Tutu) I value it most because I have the most attachment to it. (interesting thought)

Love– For the self as I see him and projecting that love upon (and seeing within others even if they may not)

Passion– Living and doing with passion even if I’m not exactly sure where I’m headed.

Awareness– Witnessing my experiences when it serves me to so that I respond to people and situations rather than react and lose my cool.  Awareness around my relationships, my growth, my releases, my attachments, etc…

Honesty– This is honesty within, about myself and to myself. The more honest I am about my perceptions of myself the more aware I am of my attachments to them.

Inspiration–  I find this the most joyous, as I am a portal to the energy which lies on the other side. Here I find and allow creativity to move through me. I remain open as the instrument of this energy. I find inspiration in all that I see good within myself.

Acceptance– What I resist will persist. Accept all that shows up. Higher self responds- Lower self reacts

Creativity– This is one of my favorites. We are all creators and have gifts of creativity. That doesn’t have to be just art, music or performing.

Integrity– Integrity through my thoughts, words and deeds.  A wholeness of self.

Appreciation– Of all of the little and great things that I witness without judgment

Resourcefulness– It’s not about your resources but about your resourcefulness

Experience– “having experiences” I should say. I believe experiential learning is one of the powerful tools ever.

Humor– Giving the gift of humor is one of the best gifts. I love to laugh as well as entertain and laugh. Laughter is the vitamin of the soul.

Intimacy– Intimacy of the self and with the self. Giving the gift of intimate connected moments with yourself, friends, family and your lover.

Sexuality– The expression of ones passion, awareness, connectedness, creativity, appreciation and acknowledgment of self love. To frolic, to appreciate to elevate and combine the sexual energy of our wisdoms in harmony is the greatest (and intimate) gift one can give to the other.

Wittiness– Who doesn’t like a sharp tongue with a dash of humor 😉

Stillness– I find myself most connected in “the gap” of my existence. The gift of stillness involving all and nothing. This is where I go to meet and appreciate the intimacy of my own self and it’s connection to the divinity.

Gratefulness– How can I be trusted with more when I don’t appreciate what is currently within my care? (relationships, awareness, connectedness…)

Openness– Open to my own divinity of which I see most in myself and others. Open to their thoughts, they are my thoughts, open to their fears, for they are my fears, open to their passions, for they are my passions. Where connectedness stops, the phrase: “I already know that,” is found.

Compassion = To witness in action. To see them in their struggles and provide them a hand without attachment

Empathy– To see through their eyes, to support them through yours, without attachment to their story…

Learning– The passionate pursuit of discovering new ways to mastering my emotions, physical and mental skills & spiritual awareness that I use to contribute to my vision of a better world. When my behaviors change, true learning has occurred.

Money– To not value money is to not respect it. Without valuing it, its riches would be squandered and I’d be able to do no more good by it. Besides, I can help a lot more people if I’m rich with it than if I am poor by it.

Excellence-I have taken time and continue to dedicate time to mastering my craft(s) and perform them to the best of my ability. I’ve charted a course out into the jungle of human value and I’ve found my way and can bring back value because of my dedication to excellence.

Collaboration-To come together with those like minds and not so like mind, but who value excellence, learning and contribution in order to create and leave better those who we touch with our creations.

Contribution– To provide value to those around me and to contribute to the change I most see in the world by defined thoughts, actions and deeds.

Relationships– I’ve always thought I’ve valued relationships, I’m not just talking about intimate ones either. I’m talking about deep connected loving relationships with friends and family and letting them know how I feel about them. That I appreciate them and their value in my life.

Optimism-Maybe  a bit questionable as far as a value but still extremely important to hold yourself and the world in a favorable light.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Write down what you think you value most.
  2. Now assess your current life in the realm of health, relationships and money (The big 3) to see what you value most in your life currently by noticing what’s showing up in your life. (Or what isn’t)
  3. You can also use the reverse engineering I’ve shared here before and write down what you don’t like about your life right now (because that seems to come super easy to lots of people) then you’ll be able to see what you value most just by reading the negative. (Broke? Maybe you don’t value money or creating value for others in a way that you’ll be compensated for it)
  4. You can also reverse engineer what you don’t like about your current status by writing out the opposite positive to see what would be necessary to value in order to pursue that vision.

I’ll admit, health is one of the things I don’t value as much as I do the other areas. (You don’t see it in the list above do you?)

This is my next step to wholeness.

Ultimately there are a top 5 or 6 values that you hold dear whether you’re conscious of it or not. I have 6 top core values out of this list but those are for me and to not influence you I’ll keep them to myself.

So it’s time to discover what you value most.

It helps if you take some time on this and really be honest and open with yourself.

If you’re already crystal clear on what you value most, share them with us here so that others may begin to research and discover their values through your contribution. 🙂

Share your comments below in the comments section and also share this post by sharing it on Twitter through the Retweet button below, on Facebook by clicking on the like button below or simply Email it to someone. I’d be ever so grateful and you just may make someone’s day. 🙂

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