As A 1on1 Coach, Expert Or Niche Blogger You Can Transform Your Specialized Knowledge Into A High Ticket Group Coaching Program  

tony teegarden in the mediaMy name is Tony Teegarden and My Mission is to help you, as an expert, coach or niche blogger, to align, translate and transform your specialized knowledge into profitable group coaching & mentoring.
To do that I speak through the external and internal journey we all have to go through in order to reach our highest potential.
I teach the principles and philosophies that are key to integrate so you can begin to bridge the existing gap of where you currently are to the profitable impact you want to make.
Have you been struggling with…
  • Never seeming to have enough time in our outside of your business?
  • Not enough revenue coming in based on the time you’re investing in your business?
  • Not enough clarity or certainty around how you’ll create the kind of revenue you want?

If It Excites You To Be able To Determine The Speed And Growth Of Your Business, Then You’re In The Right Place.

I’ve supported wellness bloggers, life coaches, healers, intuitive’s and other experts to get their message out into the world more effectively and profitably while side stepping the internal and external potholes that get in the way. And they’ve done so while creating a more heart centered business that resonates with their most ideal client.
I know what it’s like to be frustrated, overworked and without clear direction. For years I struggled with all three. However through trial error I discovered a methodology that simplified my business, increased my profit and allowed me to make a huge impact with people I chose to work with.
Here’s what a handful of past clients had to say about their journey of transforming their problems into profitability while making more of an heart felt contribution:

If you’d like to create these kinds of results then continue reading…

How You Can Facilitate Information Into Transformation

I can  help you:

  • Gain more clarity, direction and momentum so you can experience more fulfillment from successfully growing your coaching business.
  • Take you inside your market and help you to discover your ideal audience so you don’t feel as if you’re shooting in the dark with your marketing efforts.
  • Support you in crafting, articulating and communicating your most ideal offer to your most ideal prospects so you can experience the feelings of confidence and certainty you’re on the right path. 
  • Create a profitable group coaching program designed to facilitate behavior change and transformation so your clients RAVE about you and your program.
  • Charge your maximum worth so that your fees reflect the deep transformation you provide while experiencing feelings of deep satisfaction.

I see many experts in their field start an online presence because they’re good at their trade or expertise, not because they’re good at marketing themselves effectively. This is exactly why so many of them fail slowly over time.

And in some cases QUIT.

Are You Ready To Skip The Frustration You’ve Been Experiencing?

If so, here’s where you start identifying if you’re truly ready to begin creating transformation in your own business:

  • You realize you are not making the progress you’d like to make and not receiving the financial results you feel your expertise deserves.
  • You know you have a greater sense of value that isn’t being communicated and isn’t attracting ideal clients
  • You feel as if your progress is trapped by some deep sense of knowing you aren’t coming across as valuable enough.
  • You’ve capped out your earning potential with 1 on 1 coaching and you’re tired of it
  • You’ve been creating content as a niche blogger and have lots of traffic but are struggling with creating enough income and time freedom.
  • You KNOW you aren’t SELLING ENOUGH of your services
  • You struggle with charging higher prices and fees but would love to be able to (and feel CONFIDENT in doing so)

The number one problem with most online and offline coaching businesses is a lack of best practices when it comes to discovering and truly understanding their ideal clients struggles and desires. If you’re struggling from sale to sale then you and I working together is for you.

So What Next?

If you’re open to reevaluating your current business model and getting to the next level quickly, then having a conversation with me is right for you. Just look at what happened to these clients businesses after working with me for just a few weeks:

Your Next Steps…

Step 1: Go ahead and click on this link and complete a short 9 step online application
Step 2: After you’ve submitted your application – schedule your call time with me

It’s that simple.

I look forward to our conversation so you can eliminate what’s stopping you, slowing you down and standing in your way so you can begin to create a business that supports your dream lifestyle.

To Your Success,

Tony Teegarden