The First Step To Attracting The Right Clients Online Without Being Pushy

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Highlights of this video:
[00:26] – The wrong way to generate high paying clients online
[00:38] – The “Ice Burg” Method of Marketing
[02:11] – The 80/20 visibility rule all online business need to know
[02:14] – Three things you must know about your customer and why

How NOT To Attract High Paying Clients Online

Because with Tony Teegarden Media a lot of the coaching and the consulting, and of course in my own business over the years learning this, what I found is that lots of people get started in their online business or blogging, thinking like a couple of things. Let me just show you what the masses, what I have found that they’ve found. They get a topic that they’re passionate about.

They want to talk about it and express themselves and they’re, like, “You know what? I’m going to blog about it”. And then they say, “I’ll attract lots of visitors, and then after that I’m going to make a whole lot of money by figuring out how to monetize all of those visitors.” Has anybody ever done this before? I admit it. This is what I thought. Right? A couple of you? Yeah. How well did it work, by the way? Eh, not so great, right? It doesn’t work out that well. The challenge is, and this is what I see a lot of people doing when they first get started when they’re “blogging” or doing their online marketing.

So what I want to share with you is there’s a book out called “Made to Stick.” Anybody read it? “Made to Stick”? No? Great book, by the way. If you haven’t, pick it up. I kind of got this analogy from that book.

What I want to share with you here is the iceberg analogy. So I’m going to talk to kind of just the “blogging world,” so to speak, right now. When you see an iceberg, generally you’re seeing about 20% of it. Do you all know that? Anybody realize that? Only about 20% of the iceberg is sticking out of the water. So, for an example, I know you’re brand new, just bought your theme, you’re all excited, you don’t quite have the blog up yet.

You Attract High Paying Clients By Intimately Knowing Them

But the fact is that the blog kind of represents that 20%. And so you can see here it represents your website. This might represent your social presence and stuff like your collateral, like your brochures and business cards even, right? That’s what that 20% is. But most people believe that that’s the business, and David has said this many times is that a blog is not a business.Are you all following me on this? So what I want to talk about here is that, if we jump up here, this is about 20%.

But below the surface are things like understanding customer segments, understanding emotional desires, understanding your value proposition, and your marketing plan. This actually comprises about 80% of your business. What you need to know is that the 80%, the stuff that’s underneath, below the water, you need to really understand this stuff.

I’m going to tell you what this 80% comprises of here in just a minute. It’s your foundation of understanding your ideal audience, your ideal client, or your ideal customer. And if you don’t, then that 20% that’s visible, it won’t be very effective.

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