Coming Changes To Tony Teegarden

A New Day A New Way

That is what 2009 is to many people…a new beginning. I’m starting off a new way today.

I will be integrating a lot of my favorite content from New Way of Wealth here at I’ve had a bit of an awareness overload as of late.

As Blair Warren said to me in a tweet today, “awareness is going to be the key to success.” No that isn’t in the metaphysical sense either as Blair also noted. Not that there is anything wrong with that. 🙂

Of course success holds many different definitions to many different people.

Like I speak about in New Way of Wealth, awareness is akin to an awakening, living authentically and being aware of your every day choices.

It can go much deeper than that for you also, realizing how connected you are on a spiritual, physical, emotional & mental level to everything around you.

I believe this deep an awareness makes a difference in those choices you make on an every day basis and there for influence the quality of your life.

Hmm I think I’m dangerously close to the new age self help stuff Blair! lol

Coming Projects

I’m working on a new information product that I look forward to putting out by January.

Also as you can tell, I’m working on a new blog as well.

I’ve put a lot of thought and planning into what’s to come in 2009 and I pray you have as well.

I guess I would call this meditation marketing if you will. 🙂

2009 will blow the winds of change for all of us. The question is, how will you set your sales and how soon?

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