Is My Product Just A Product Or An Idea That Lives On

World in a light bulb.

Believing in Not Just Man But An Idea

I have to admit if you haven’t watched  the movie “V” for Vendetta you’re missing out on a great insight on how an idea is born and lives on beyond mans short life span.

I love the movie and have watched it oh, just a few times 😉 Consider this a plug.

People these days require something more to believe in than just a product or a person. More than anything it’s what the person or product represents & stands for that they buy into.

An idea lives on, a man or woman doesn’t. The idea the man or  woman stood for is how they are remembered.

Consider this for a moment, it’s the idea that is behind it that people desire to be a part of.

An idea is immortal and can live on for centuries. An idea is something you can believe in, stand behind and identify with.

An idea is an extension of your values beliefs and morals.

A Remarkable Experience Isn’t New

Let’s you and I switch gears for a moment. As Seth Godin states your goal is being remarkable. Customers don’t want another widget. They want something remarkable and the question is are you giving it to them through your goods or services?

Are you listening to what your customers want? Are you providing it to them in such a manner where they identify with you and predominantly your idea?

Is it something they can believe in, identify with and resonates within them?

I’m not here to talk about any great idea’s but rather to take a notch from Clay Collins over at Finance Your Freedom. He doesn’t bother with making good points anymore he says. He just has an idea of creating results with his clients.

Less talk more action. Direction, Focus & Action.

As I’m working on my newest project I realize I just don’t want to put out another widget or info product. I desire to actually assist people getting a specific result.

I’ve been searching for the idea that lives on way past the actual purchase of the product and even after the result has been delivered.

This was confirmed when I read Clays post, that I was on track.

More Than A Man But An Idea

I did do a post about 5 steps to creating cash. It got a lot of good response and it’s good solid information.


It’s not the latest  product that is important  to me now but the idea that I have contributed to someones quality of life well past  the result they desired is achieved.

Is your product or service extraordinary in such a way or have you even considered this?

Contribution is my motive not so much the money. The money comes after the value is delivered.

I know what my time is worth and I know the result that my customers desire. Value will be determined by their result. Bottom line.

My challenge is if you’re looking to create a product or service, is it just that, a product or a service? Or is there a bigger idea behind it that lives on past the result the customer desired?

Is it a great motive that fulfills your spirit as well as your bank account and fulfills the customers needs? Are you doing what you love at the same time?

I’m shooting for all the above.

How about you, how can you apply this concept if you’re  considering creating a product or service?

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