Capturing The Essence of Self Love (My Blueprint)

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Identifying the Essence of Self Love

It’s our inner journey that determines the quality of our outer journey.“-Tony Robbins

Below is a bit of a blueprint for finding self love that I’ve outlined with a little bit of help from my friends. These points all resonate with me within the area’s of my life right now:

  • Acceptance of who I am today
  • Embracing the Truth
  • Creating a new vision of tomorrow that resonates with who I am
  • Allowing myself to be vulnerable while I do
  • Developing new relationships that support this transformation
  • Accepting my creativity as my gift
  • All the while relying on my instincts that I’m making all the right decisions


The foundation of self love is to accept who you are today and love yourself regardless of your inner judgments. Be grateful.

When you judge yourself, (or others for that matter) you’re not in the now, you’re in the past. You’re comparing the present to the past. Pulling from past experiences means you’re living with personal prejudices, even if they don’t seem like that big of deal. Living without judgment isn’t easy but it isn’t hard either. Just practice loving consciously.

Flex your inner love muscle (Get your mind out of the gutter) and practice self acceptance everyday through being grateful for what is in your life. Tony Robbins calls it your hour of power. Make time for you and relish the beautiful spirit that you are. You can accomplish this through meditation, yoga, prayer or a combination of all of them. Whichever works for you.

This is the inner journey that you start everyday being grateful for. Self love becomes stronger and stronger as you flex the emotional muscles.

Embracing The Truth

My friend Lana at dream followers woke me up again to the fact that no one is going to remember who I am in 100 years (Unless I create something like a car or a telephone of course ;-)) so why aren’t I just doing what juices my life everyday?

This aspect is about embracing the truth then reinventing yourself. A truth, that she outlines in the beginning of her post that almost depressed the hell out of me. She then pulls it out magnificently where I was completely juiced at the end of the post. I get it. Thank you Lana.

A New Vision

Once you’ve cleared your plate and aren’t worried about what anyone else thinks and you’re prepared to reinvent yourself, begin with a new vision.

“The #1 thing preventing you from having anything you want in your life is a lack clarity about what it is you really want and compelling reason why it’s important to you“-Tony Robbins

I stumbled across a magnificent blog recently by a wonderful spirit named Fanoosh. Her Prolific Living blog (love the title alone) is a vast array of wonderful topics with a splash of creativity and lots of self love. However what I hope you walk away with is checking out her vision for her blog which I can’t help but believe is just a magnification of how she lives her life anyway. What a glorious vision she lives.

Where there is no vision, the people perish”-Proverbs [29:18]


Implementing this new you could be scary. It means opening yourself up to new experiences and trusting.

Scary questions like:

  • Will will people think of me?
  • Will people make fun of me?
  • Will I look or sound like a fool?

Listen, I know all too well the questions that will bounce around in your head. This is you’re own judgments. You’re not living in the now, you’re not loving yourself. If you really read Carolyn’s post on how to embrace your vulnerability you can’t help but to believe this vulnerability thing isn’t so bad. You do have a choice how you decipher those new experiences.

My personal experience is it’s this feeling of fear, the fear what vulnerability will allow to happen to us that has stopped me dead in my tracks in many area’s of my life. Quite frankly I’m over it.

Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness.  Letting your guard down and opening yourself up to whatever comes is a testament of true strength.“-Carolyn Rubenstein

Building New Relationships

All of these above steps are for not, if you don’t create an environment that supports your new vision.

I’ve seen it hundreds of times over the past 10 years, as an example, where someone gets started with their new business and with the best of intentions to succeed however they fail to fully immerse themselves within an environment that fully supports their new found vision. This definitely includes their relationships.

“A supportive environment is critical to your successful transition and transformation. I’m not saying you have to completely disassociate with your friends and family but you will need to let them know you’d like their support or too simply keep their opinions to themselves.”-Me

One of the best things to do is to reach out and develop new relationships that support your new found vision. Life optimizer shares with you 9 actions to bond with others. This may mean personal or business relationships that fully connect and support you.

I’ve done this over the past year or so with my online presence. I’ve got a mastermind of guys and girls that I can reach out to that fully support my journey and I support theirs. This goes for locally where we get to meet in person as well as online via Skype, Twitter and instant messenger.

I’m not casual about my personal relationships or business relationships for that matter when it comes to supporting my vision.


For myself creativity is a huge part of who I am. I’ve always been a creative being, whether it be my art/drawing I did as a child and young adult, my writing that I started in 6th grade and continue today or my music that I started in 3rd grade and still continue. Sometimes I still wonder where I got the notion to sell stuff. ::scratching head::

Creative is what I am. It’s my expression of self. Accepting it as who and what I’m about is part of my lesson. I believe everyone has something to express in some way, shape or form.

My human form is the fountain of which god’s light comes forth. My goal is to connect to that source and allow that light to shine through me so that I may shine upon those around me.”-Me

I felt a great deal of comfort after reading Marelisa‘s post on Medley of Creativity.  The post resonated with me greatly in the fact that I pull from so many sources my creative energy. One of my favorite books on reconnecting with my creativity is The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. Marelisa’s post was a great resource of energy for me.

This is where my authentic energy comes from. The ability to create, give back and nourish.

Making Wise Decisions

As I read Jonathan Wells post on The Art of Making wise Decisions I thought thought about the tactical aspects of making wise decisions and he actually outlines many of them in the post. However ultimately as he mentions in the post:

Let Experience be your guide.“-Jonathan Fields

I believe this could have been the first step in these posts, however I made it the last because of the quote. It resonated with me that much.

A big part of me has always been afraid of making bad decisions and therefor I made no decision at all, which was just as bad if not worse. A decision, even a bad one gives you the ability to get real world feedback. It’s part of the process of transformation.

Loving Yourself Purposely

When I utilize the steps I’ve outlined here I’m  purposely and consciously moving forward in such a way that serves me & nourishes my spirit. I’m successfully accomplishing steps in the process of life and connecting to people on a deeper level while I do it. I can’t help but feel good about me and love myself along the way, mistakes and all.

All of this allows for a deeper sense of love & appreciation for ones self. It’s not an absolute blueprint that works for everyone, however it may be good for someone. The right person will know.

I’m grateful for all of the above connections to people who are shedding their light on the world. They are magnificent fountains light and I hope you bask in it and get as much value as I did. 🙂

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