Secure Payment For Problems To Profit Mentoring

As outlined in our Strategy Session conversation:

  • You’ll be receiving access to 10 weeks Group mentoring with me to go through your planning, marketing development process and end to end client reaching strategy. You’ll receive a 1 on 1 call after the 10 weeks as well.
  • We will do our 1 on 1 assessment in week one and from there you’ll receive training each week in the form of a live call where you’ll then execute that weeks lesson. 
  • You’ll also have access to recordings to all 10 weeks calls. One, possibly two of the calls will be in webinar format.
  • You will have access to me and your other alumni via private Facebook Group to ask questions, provide value & support to other alumni and receive mentoring.
  • I’ll evaluate your progress each week and post video reviews for you and the other alumni to share in learned knowledge
  • Once you click the buy button below you agree: “Tony, I WILL follow through on this 10 week process because MY success is based on how well I execute what you share. I take 100% responsibility for my actions.”

By clicking on the Buy Now button you agree to the above points.

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*In regards to money back guarantee’s: In the event you request any money’s back, you will provide proof that you have followed through on each assignment and executed them as outlined. Otherwise no money back guarantee’s are implied or promised. You attract what you practice, so hold yourself to a higher standard and you’ll attract clients who do as well.