What Is Conscious Change And Creation

The World Is A Mirror

As I go deeper down the rabbit hole of my shadow work I find that the world I experience is simply a mirror of myself. So is my marketing, my actions (Or inaction’s), my blogging, my Youtube videos, my personal relationships etc…

I’ve asked myself some tough questions lately and I’ve listed them at the end of this post. These questions have lead me to where you and I will start today:

If I come in contact with someone who loves, respects and honors me, It reflects the love respect and honor I have for myself. It represents all that is good within me.

If I come in contact with someone who seems to be a total arrogant asshole and I am annoyed with them, then It is a reflection of the arrogant asshole I am as well. (Notice the word total, I will talk about this in a minute.)

Debbie Fords statement below really resonates with me:

Our indignation over the behavior of others is usually about an unresolved aspect of ourselves.“-Debbie Ford

Otherwise you really wouldn’t be able to identify with that trait the person is reflecting back on us.

Anyway, I know I’m beating this shadow work thing with a stick right now in my posts but for good reason. Wednesday I purchased Debbie Fords new movie that was just released and I have to say the movie trailer alone gave me chills. The amount of awareness this will bring to the masses I feel is amazing.

I know what it has done for me over the past few months as I have peeled away and revealed layer after layer of stuff. I’m talking about embracing years of my shadowy parts that I resisted. Parts that kept me stuck in my thinking and in life. The selves that I swore weren’t me, but absolutely were.

Remember the reference I made to the word total above? I wouldn’t embrace these parts because I was scared. I didn’t want to believe those traits I resisted were the totality of me. This is why I resisted these parts. I believed if I owned them that they were the totality of who I was.

Guess what?

I treated myself as if they were me anyway. What we resist persists.

I am a liar, a cheater and a skeptic. However those traits are parts of me, not the totality of me.

Why on earth would I put this out there about myself?

Well if you’ve been reading my work for the past 4 years you know, it’s just what I do however this has also set me free. Here’s why:

Debbie Ford has just released a new movie based on her shadow work.

The movie The Shadow Effect seems to be shot in the same sort of fashion as The Secret and features a few names you’re probably familiar with such as Mark Victor Hanson and Deepak Chopra. I had a tad bit of resistance over the similar contrast of The Secret but It quickly melted away as I figured it was my shadowy parts creeping up. The message of the movie trailer resonated so hard with me I quickly released the resistance and was lost in the truth of what Debbie was saying.

Take a look at The Shadow Effect trailer and if it resonates with you, buy the movie. I purchased the interactive DVD and await it in the mail. (No, these are not affiliate links although I wish they were because I plan on telling everyone about this anyway) 🙂

“What Is Within Depends On If You Go Without”-Me

What’s Within You

What’s within you today?

Well if you’re anything like me, what’s within you is years and years of programming. Most of which you picked up as a child. I asked my life coach the question this past week:

“Why is it so easy to do the things that don’t empower me?”

Her answer?

Years of programming and much of it as a child.

This was actually reinforced last night as I was reading Dan Kennedy’s book My Unfinished Business. He mentions as a kid how he would listen to his parents at the top of the stairs after they sent him to bed. The conversation was positive, creative, abundant & productive. His parents were doing very well with their art business at the time and he believes this was the core of his programming.

Ironically later on his parents were under severe financial pressure and his younger brothers picked up on lack programming. Hence his brothers aren’t anywhere financially successful. All I can say is I concur to some degree.

Sometimes the lack or negative emotions can push you to succeed or in many cases it supports you to fail.

How To Support The Core Of Change

How do you feel about your world, other people in it and abundance?

These thoughts will generally help you come to grips if you’re living as a conscious or unconscious being.

I’ve found the more conscious I am of my inner world the more capable I am of making wiser choices. I noticed when I make a conscious choice of not meditating one day that my world reflects the unrest and I become more reactive than I do responsive. I’m not centered or grounded in my knowing.

To react is to act or speak with out thought. Response comes from an inner wisdom of calm where you are centered. It’s hard to piss someone off who is centered in their knowing. I’m sure it’s possible, however when I’ve been centered in my knowing, I’ve been much more the see’er than the seen.

What do I mean by see’er?

Well an example comes from my NLP experience. Below not only will I give you an example of the seen vs. the see’er but also describe an agent of change or the ability to reprogram a negative emotional association or experience you may have had:

  • Take a moment and pick an emotional situation that is negatively charged for you where you have feelings of unrest or someone upsets you.
  • Now picture it. Do you notice how chances are if you’re feeling the feelings you’re actually the seen. Meaning you’re experiencing it through you’re own eyes. If you’re sitting across the table from someone, you’re looking at them as if through your own eyes. This has you experiencing the emotions full tilt.
  • Now I want you to picture the same situation however I want you to picture watching you and this person have the same experience as an observer. The observer and the see’er are one and the same. You should notice you’re no longer associated with the emotional experience because you’re detached from the human experience as an observer. Replay this in your mind and see if you have the same experience or not.
  • Now if you wish to reprogram your experience replay the negative situation in your mind as an observer but with fun circus music over it. Notice, you’ll many times find yourself smiling because it’s so silly. Hence your emotional experience of the situation can change.

*Keep in mind this is not meant to be a fix all solution however I’ve done it in many cases and it’s worked for me. Results can and will vary.

When I mention the see’er where you’re able to stand outside of the experience and observe, you’re much more objective rather than so emotionally attached to the negative situation as a participant. This is what I mean by responding. As a see’er you’re able to respond instead of being the seen who reacts.  Of course it takes conscious work.

Not Going Without

Let me tell you, over the past few months since I hired my life coach and started a lot of this work my income has tripled. The opportunities I have I’m working on right now are piling up to a point where I’m going, “What recession, what the hell is everyone talking about?”

I have more experts lining up to have me help them implement the online marketing strategies I’ve learned over the past 4 years than I know what to do with.  My day business (which is a hybrid network marketing business/B2B business) has made more in the last 3 months than I have the past 6 months combined with less effort.

The quality of people I’m attracting into my life on a personal and business basis is definitely mirroring the who I see myself as these days. I’m grateful for it and until I actually wrote this in my journal the other night I was almost oblivious to it because it’s happened incrementally.

I’ve gone through a lot of personal development books, seminars and audios over the past 17 years. Many work. However much of the information barely scratches the surface. (I believe much of it just bounces right off)

It’s what gets to your core that helps reprogram your many associations, interpretations and beliefs about you and your world that helps you aid in true growth.

Conscious Life Is Like Social Media To Me

Social Media reminds me of Life in so many ways.  Both are always growing and are an evolving thing that will never stand still. I believe this is one reason I’m so fascinated with social media and how it applies to human dynamics & behavior but reveals beliefs and levels of consciousness in the person participating.

It’s impossible to expect life to stand still. However how many people wish it to?

Consider this for a second, do you have a favorite musician where you’ve wished they would go back to making music a certain way? You’re asking the musician not to grow, not to evolve or worse yet, digress.

For me a perfect example is SEAL. I love his music and his energy. (Crazy is one of my favorite songs ever) He’s amazing in my opinion.

His latest work he took a left turn and he went to doing Motown. Personally it’s not my thing but I love his previous work.

Having the experience of being a musician myself I understand his need to step into a different light, to have a new experience and to grow in a different way than what resonates with me. I’m not reacting to his choice, I’m able to respond to his choice.

I still like his work and I still will listen to his older work. Later he may enter into a different realm other than Motown and I will revisit his work like an old friend. Either way I’m not dependent on his actions for my happiness or enjoyment.

Does this resonate with you? Do you feel this shows up in your life?

  • Are you open to the possibility your world is a mirror of what is going on inside of you?
  • Who or what are you wishing was different outside of yourself that you have no control over?
  • Is it a reflection of the core change you most desire in yourself?
  • Could it be possible this is a reflection of what you most desire to change about you?

These are the questions I had to answer and I’m thankful that I did. My journey isn’t over. It never will be. I will continue to grow, change, engage and participate.

Show me you’re courageous and daring.

Share your thoughts and ideas with me on these questions. Good, bad or indifferent, it does matter.

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