The One Hidden Skill That Gets You All The Coaching Clients You Ever Want Or Need

The one hidden skill that’s simple to master and will create tons of sales in your coaching practice.

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  • [0:26] Why this skill is critical
  • [1:08] Two areas that better assist you deeply connecting with your ideal prospects
  • [1:38] Three questions your prospects are asking themselves before they buy from you
  • [2:08] why benefits alone aren’t enough for your prospects to buy from you
  • [2:21] your prospects don’t want results, they want the ________ that comes from the results
  • [3:19] you’ll begin to attract prospects that are ______ and _______ to invest highly with you.

Master This Skill Today For Greater Certainty In Your Coaching Profits

Hi, this is Tony Teegarden, with, helping coaches and experts all over the world to get higher quality leads and make more sales.

crafting-your-offerNow, in today’s video, I want to share with you a concept called crafting your ideal offer. Now, why is this important? As a coach or an expert, I understand that many times you are out there in the world, trying to get your message out there, your coaching, or your expertise, and that’s what you do best.

However, crafting your offer also supports you in getting an attractive message in front of your ideal audience so that they invest highly and quickly into your services or your coaching. The goal here is to make this as easy as possible on your prospect.

Now I realize, as a coach or an expert, that you’re proficient at the outcome that you deliver. However, marketing and sales, many times, I have found is going to be an area that you can improve upon to better assist you in connecting deeply and quickly with your ideal prospects. This is why it’s important that you become proficient at this.

So what exactly comprises an ideal offer? Well, there area few questions that your prospect is going to be asking as you are sharing your information with them. Of course, whether it be content marketing, whether it’s a blog or a video or anything like this, there are a few questions that are going to be going on in their mind as they are picking up on your offer.

3 Questions Your Prospects Will Be Asking Themselves Before They Decide to Invest Time With You

Question 1: They’re going to ask themselves, “What can you do for me that nobody else can do?” Believe me, this is a question that they are going to ask themselves, whether explicitly or implicitly, so make sure that you know the answer to this. *This is just another way of the prospect asking themselves,“Why should I trust you.” 

Question 2: The next questions they’re going to ask are:  “What’s in it for me? What am I going to get out of this?” Here’s some insight as to that question is you want to make sure that you share with them the benefits of the benefits.

We’ve all heard in sales about the features and benefits, and I’m going to share with you that you don’t want to just stop at the traditional benefits. People are looking for results, which your expertise or your coaching is going to deliver.

But I’m going to share with you that the chances are they don’t just want the result. They want the feelings that come from the result, and you better be able to articulate this and communicate this to them in a way that they immediately get it.

Question 3: Then finally, they’re going to ask themselves, “Why should I act on this right now?”

We want them to come to a decision today (not tomorrow) immediately to invest highly in the programs or the coaching or the services that you provide.

By answering these three questions and going ahead and doing the research that’s necessary to get these questions answered, you’re going to be far ahead of anyone that is in your particular industry or doing what you do. You’ll find that you have customers, clients and prospects coming out the wazoo when you answer these questions in advance of them asking them.

You’re going to begin to have some amazing results. You’re going to find that you’re beginning to attract more of your ideal prospects, and you’re attracting clients, now, that are willing and wanting to invest their time with you. So the goal here is to make sure that you get your offer designed as quickly as possible.

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