David Risley of Blog Marketing Academy – Using Your Blog To Attract High Paying Clients TPIP: 0005


If you’re a 1on1 coach, expert or service provider and you’re using a blog in attempts to get new clients then this episode is for you. David Risley is the founder of Blog Marketing Academy and is a 14 year veteran of blogging.

In this episode I start off digging into what brought David from novice blogger 14 years ago to creating a 6 figure lifestyle business. But we quickly dug into some of the strategies he’s leveraging today that coaches & experts can use to grow their businesses online.

What you’ll gain from this episode:

  • One quality anyone online needs to share for success
  • Why a content marketing strategy is crucial to attracting high paying clients
  • What a real content marketing strategy is based on
  • The first steps of implementing a content marketing strategy
  • The Blog Monetization Model
  • How to repurpose existing content to attract your ideal clients
  • 3 Modalities of content your audience wants (and needs)

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