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When Will I Draw The Line In The Sand

At the end I’m going to share with you why some people are successful drawing the line in the sand and why many are not, but first…

…The past few years have been full of such insight & change that It’s at times hard to believe I’m the same person.

Not all of it has been fun or pretty either.

My days are made up of so many new thoughts, beliefs and inspirations that at times it’s hard to really focus on one thing that is fantastic in my life. Maybe that’s a bad thing but I don’t think it is. I’m grateful for so much in my life and my experiences.

At the same time with what I wish for comes the growing pains along with it that I wasn’t expecting.

Physically, emotionally and spiritually I am continuously stretched above and beyond what I thought was possible even if I did think I was prepared for it.

There is a subtle difference between fear, scarcity and wanting a better life and the frustration of getting what you want but not being fully prepared for what is coming. “Be careful for what you ask for because you may get it.” That’s the thought of getting what you thought you wanted but not wanting what came along with it.

Creating cash flow in your life requires more responsibility which is something many people aren’t prepared to do. Whether that is taking care of it themselves or the growth of hiring someone (or a team of people) to help manage their assets.

There can be a fear that keeps you from even engaging in the activities that could lead to such a required activity. Why? Because the fear of taking responsibility (and messing up) is greater than the possibility of living an amazing life style that is complimented by huge sums of cash flow.

  • Does this resonate with you on a conscious level?
  • What about on a subconscious level?
  • Could it be true?
  • So when does this all come to a stop?

When do you decide to draw the line in the sand,  live the life you really desire and really stick with it?

Living in The Sandbox

Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to “Frame” a point:

  1. As a child did you play in the sandbox (Or playground) with other kids?
  2. Did you share your toys or did you horde them?
  3. Where do you think you picked up those habits originally?

We aren’t much different than grown up kids if you really consider that we have the vast majority of our social skills by the age of 7 or 8. Think about how you were as a child and how different are you as an adult.

  • Do you share openly your gifts?
  • Do you share openly your knowledge?
  • Do you share openly your aspirations?

“How you live your life today is really no different than how you played in the sandbox or playground as a child.”-Me

Yes, life as an adult can be more complex than as a child however your basic philosophies don’t have to be complicated.

Do you share or do you horde?

Sharing Your Gifts

Why do we encourage kids to play nice and to share their toys?

Because it’s the right thing to do? No, we encourage it for a much deeper reason. Because it represents detachment from stuff and more of an emphasis on, it feels good to share.

Now let me be clear here, I’m not saying you have to share with people that are less fortunate than you because they’re entitled to it. I’m saying if you have gifts then share them with others. You could inspire, teach & coach someone to go out and do the same thing and have an impact on others. 🙂

What could be your gifts?

  • What are you good at?
  • What comes natural to you?
  • What is your expertise?

Just like tithing is an exercise of the giving spirit, sharing your gifts as a human being should bring more purpose to your life and assist you in feeling good.  Not to mention there is no reason you can’t make money at it either if you choose.

You’ve probably heard the saying that most people take their music to the grave with them. No one gets to hear it.

Don’t take your gift to the grave. Live it and leave it on the table for all to hear. That’s your gift.

What Are You Knowledgeable About

What area are you already knowledgeable in?

Is there an area of specialty that you’ve spent years on? Great! Then identify a group that is looking for the answers you have & openly share this with people.

This is particularly helpful because in information marketing you can share lots of free information & results and of course charge for the nuts & bolts or coaching solutions for people to get the results they’re looking for.

I have learned to give away some of your best stuff when it comes to your information marketing business and providing value to people up front before they pay, creates trust.

Now if you’re not knowledgeable on a particular subject it doesn’t take much in order for you to be.

  • You can do lots of research across the web
  • Visit your local library
  • Interview people whom you have personal relationships with that may already be experts.

Aggregate all of this data & information and put it together for other peoples consumption in a nice package.

This is what you get paid for when you share the specialized knowledge. People will pay in order for you to do all of the heavy lifting and hand it over to them.

However if you’re already knowledgeable in an area that people are looking for solutions in you’re ahead of the game.

Do You Share Openly Your Aspirations

There is a certain amount of transparency, accountability and  trust that goes into sharing your aspirations.

People trust people who make themselves vulnerable. I do quite a bit of that on this blog.

Secretly I believe lots of people would like to be more vulnerable and transparent but are afraid of taking off their masks. I cover masks in step 3 of 12 Steps To Loving All Of Yourself.

Speaking with my life coach the other day I shared with her my thoughts on coming from the opposite direction of sharing my aspirations. More so I’ve come from the direction of running from what I don’t want in my life.

“I’ve been so used to fighting against something for as long as I can remember. So much so that if I don’t have anything to fight against or anyone to prove something to I almost don’t feel as if I have a purpose.”-Me

Are you motivated by fear or by love?

I fully admit to being motivated by fear for the vast majority of my life, hence the above quote.

Fear of what I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be like my Aunt that raised me along with my great grandparents. I put so much energy into what I didn’t want that I still have manifested much of what I didn’t desire.

The fear of what you don’t want can be a powerful motivator but what happens when you’ve overcome what you don’t want and it isn’t there anymore? Do you operate out of fear again, (You’re creating the same circumstances thus repeating the cycle) or do you start aspiring to new heights and new life experiences?

Unless you’re aspiring to new life experiences and sharing those aspirations you may find yourself creating the same circumstances over and over which is exactly what I did for years.

I needed to create someone to prove myself to, or find something to fight against in order to feel motivated or to even feel purposeful. Or worse yet, to feel important. For years I did this and realize today it was so self destructive.

Besides will you lift more people up by sharing your aspirations and therefore surrounding yourself with others who aspire to greater good as well?

I believe you will.

Love Versus Fear

In Conclusion you can decide to draw the line in the sand once you’re clear on why you want to in the first place.

However the real reason I believe many don’t stick with this decision is because they tend to come from fear rather than love.

You can either identify it’s the pain of being sick of living the lifestyle you are currently or because you’ve identified there is a much deeper reason and purpose you are here.(That’s your gift)

Either way you’ll create change, it’s just a mater of if you’ll keep creating the same circumstances in your life which derive from fear or if you will truly create a much more consistent & healthy change which leads to a whole new way of living by coming from love.

That’s right, I love you too 😉

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