Dripping With Motivation [Video]

Dripping With Motivation

Yesterday I did a post on 3 Ways To Capture Your Markets Heart And Make An Impact For Life where I talk about the steps to make an impact by using your personal gifts.

Well I outlined the 3 steps that I took in order to create an impact and here is what popped out!

This is the newest addition of the inspirational music videos. I’m not sure how well this will go over but quite frankly it was just a blast to do. This is my first go at doing digital music and if it sucks, oh well I like it lol 🙂

My videos, my writing and my music all tend to be a documentation of my own spiritual journey. Creativity is one of my gifts and I enjoy sharing it regardless of judgment or praise. Ego speaking I embrace both aspects these days and grow from both.

The Divine Connection

The theme through out the video is the divine speaking through to us via our connection to it that is ever present.

Through meditation over the past few months I’ve made tapped into my connection to the divine more than I probably have in the past few years. Thanks to my life coach this has been made much easier through their guidance.

For some people this may sound hokey however I know it to be absolutely critical to my growth and the clearing of 36 years of “stuff.”

I will never be one to tell you, “I have it all together” and anyone who does is probably under the influence in my humble opinion.

Be open and be with as you watch this video and allow yourself to find a deeper place of relaxation and possiblity.

Turn up your speakers, give it a view then leave me a comment on your thoughts and insights.

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