The End Of Frustration?

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Life’s Priorities

The quality of your life is based on the quality of questions you ask yourself.

The quality of questions you ask yourself are determined by the hierarchy of your values.

Your hierarchy of values determine how you filter the world, how you perceive the world, ask questions about the world and act upon the world. – John DeMartini

So it wouldn’t it make sense to be conscious of your highest values?

Ask yourself these questions in order to discover what your values may be:

  • What is the way I fill my space?
  • In what ways do I spend most of my time?
  • In what ways do I most spend my energy?
  • In what ways do I spend most of my money?

These are all a reflection of your highest values.

Have you consciously determined what you value most in life?

Could it be that what you think is a top priority in your life, really isn’t? If what you think should be in your life isn’t, how much of a priority is it?

Maybe you just think it should be in your life.

Could this be the end of frustration as you know it?

What say you?

Leave your comments below in the comments section.

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