What Is Your Everyday Story About Love Sex & Money

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Your Everyday Story

The stories you tell yourself everyday will take you to everything you want in life. The other stories you tell yourself everyday can push everything away.“-Frank AuCoin

The phrase above hit me like a ton of bricks because I had to ask myself, what is my story that I’m telling myself everyday based on my current results.

If I don’t like my current results (i.e. lifestyle, love relationships etc) then I can’t really be telling myself the right story every day now can I?

The story we tell ourselves is based on our beliefs.

Our beliefs of:

  • Do I feel grateful for my circumstances & even my challenges?
  • Do I feel deserving of a fulfilling life of happiness?
  • Do I feel loved not only by others but more importantly myself and god?
  • Am I loving of others and practice living with empathy?
  • Am I connected to everything & everyone and If I truly believe I am then I must acknowledge my connectivity to god & divinity right?

Defined Character Defines Your Impact

Have you ever felt as if you’re floating around in life with no pre-determined point of impact?

No sense of true deep purpose? That’s because of the story you’re telling yourself.

I know there have been several points in my life when I felt that way. What about you? If you do have a sense of purpose it’s easy to ask yourself these 3 questions to define your day. But if you don’t know your point of impact it’s a struggle.

More importantly do you feel as if you’ve had the ability to find your defined purpose but you felt helpless about where to begin?

I remember Jim Rohn mentioning this point and it clicked with me just what I was doing to myself:

Many people wait for someone else to come around and turn them on, but what if they never show up?

No sense of purpose can come from no sense of connectivity to divinity. Zero sense of being loved by God. This can be a foundation for depression, low self esteem & helplessness.

I know because I have many times floated around in those areas. I thought it was more worldly than that but when I went deeper those were my answers.

I still love the quote I got from one of the fore fathers of personal development, Orison Swett Marden. The quote defines exactly what the result is once one acknowledges their connectivity to the divinity. It dances directly into the path of abundance deliciously.

Love Sex & Money Development

“It’s ironic that love, sex & money can either be a result of your thoughts or abuses of your thoughts.”-Me

Through my ability to be truthful, transparent & acknowledge my connectivity to god am I able to acknowledge this with you. I’ve abused all three.

How much stuff have I hidden before in my lifetime that kept me from living transparently & authentically?

Lots. That’s me telling you I’m human.

How about you?

I’m reading Steve Pavlina‘s book Personal Development for Smart people and it’s hitting home on several levels of transparency & truth. Along with my alignment with god it’s all very revealing.

Abusing all three of these gifts is done so much and is seldom talked about. Obviously love sex & money can all be abused and ultimately the context of all three showing up in your life (Or not) are based on the story you tell yourself daily.

Defined Character Can Lead To A Defined Path

I admit that right now I’m going through a transformation of my own hence why I’m writing this post.

I believe it’s healthy to review & investigate my intentions & my path.

I have always enjoyed being transparent and living authentically and when I’m not or don’t I’m not one that hides it very well. I’ve been a creative personality for years, i.e. musician, artist & starting now as a writer.

It takes up a lot of energy to not be who & what you are and it can manifest it’s incongruence in many ways in your life. You either decide to live with your incongruence or decide to be bold, coragous & step out.

Marketing, sales & branding are all so in tune with these same philosophies and how you present yourself in the market place. Where you’re at can either promote you or expose you.

Define your character, your self & your brand and then you can take action towards the 5 steps to creating cash. This is a huge step I believe lots of people make before going into business or in this case making money online.

I’m working on all the above right now because I’ve got some great things in store that I’m working on. It’s spiritual marketing at it’s best & it’s so very important that your message is honest, transparent & fluid through out all area’s of your life.

I can’t wait to share with you more as well as some tools & resources that I’ve been blessed to come across. 🙂

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