Featured In Joe Vitales New Book: Expect Miracles

Tony Teegarden Featured In Expect Miracles Book.

Kinda weird writing about myself in 3rd person like that haha. Anyway I got a cool email today letting me know that one of my stories will be featured in Joe Vitale’s newest book, Expect Miracles that is being launched on Amazon today.

If you’re not familiar with Joe Vitale he’s been around for a long time as a copywriter and marketer who later found his niche in the spiritual marketing realm. He then later was featured in The Secret and his career has exploded since.

I’ve been big into Joe’s work since learning about him in The Secret and he’s pretty darn brilliant as far as marketing goes. His brand is all over the place.

Anyway here is a shameless affiliate link to Amazon if you want to pick up the book. My story in it is pretty cool and is actually based on my very first blog about 2 years ago and how I was attacked verbally by some moron who didn’t like my blog, philosophies or me. I turned it around and actually turned into a huge win win for me and my subscribers.

Damn I’m still thanking him for that nasty email lol.

Anyway pick up the book. I’m sure there is lots of cool stuff in it. My favorite book of Joe’s to this day is Zero Limits.

Don’t worry no affiliate link for that one. I limit one shameless affiliate link per post.

Oh and if you do for some reason decide to get the book email me at tony(at)tonyteegarden(dot)com and I’ll send you something cool over as a bonus. Not sure what yet but I’m sending my New Way of Wealth subscribers a cool $47 ebook that I think they will dig on personal communication.

I was going to sell it for $47 bucks but I’m just giving it away to them. I probably will you too if you think you’re interested.

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