When Do You Feel The Most Authentic

Wayne Dyer

When Do You Feel The Most Authentic

Living authentically probably isn’t the most popular thing to write about but It sure does feel right to me. Matter of fact that’s what living authentically is about in my opinion. It feels good of course but mostly it feels right.

This post was inspired by a tweet I saw from @unmarketing on twitter yesterday as well as a video I saw him shoot for a new course he came out with.

“RT @unmarketing: Never change ur tweets (or ur life) cause someone doesn’t like it. Be you, the right ppl will stick around.”

Obviously this is a good philosophy to not only live by in your social media world but in your life period. How many times do you think our ego gets wrapped up in living a life or a lifestyle that isn’t really what we feel is authentic?

How many times do you think people around you are living a life they secretly despise but attempt to keep up because it’s the status quot?

When do you feel the most authentic? If you haven’t given much thought to it maybe it’s time to do just that.

What Does It Mean to Feel Authentic

One of the most interesting individuals to me lately is Steve Pavlina. Last night I watched his newest post on creating abundance. It’s 4 videos that tap into some very un-talked about subjects in regards to abundance. I’ve always read Steve’s blog and his book Personal Development for Smart People but since his talk of multiple intimate relationships publicly I found myself not connecting with his messages and steering away from him. (Unconsciously)

Because of the work I’ll share with you in a second I’ve opened myself to really understand the message he’s sharing lately is all about living authentically regardless if I agree with his personal choices or not. (Yes I love when the universe talks and I actually listen)

Now right around the end of Video 3 and video 4 I came into a lot of resistance naturally as he discusses abundance and our resistance to change by referencing the change he’s going through with his wife and multiple intimate relationships. However I became conscious of my resistance and embraced the shadow that started to show itself. This is when mental and emotional doors opened.

It’s nearly impossible to accept a message if you’re in resistance to the messenger. Chances are the deeper in resistance you are the more you should embrace what you’re resisting in order to find the message that is there for you. This is in relation to the shadow work I’ve been doing and has helped me stop resisting much of what persisted in my life. Lots of it has stop persisting too, imagine that. 😉

Anyway I suggest you watching his 4 videos on creating abundance.

How Do You Know You Feel Authentic

Chances are it’s a lot easier for people to identify when they aren’t feeling authentic as apposed to knowing they are. You’re every day choices lead to your every day story about love, sex & money. Then look at your life right now. You’ll see what you’re committed to. You generally know when you’re making choices that empower you to your end desired result. It’s when we aren’t conscious that tends to be the problem.

You generally feel you are on purpose and find great joy in every day activities. You bounce out of bed instead of dread getting out of bed. I’ve been in and out of purpose at times in my life. Swayed by others some times and dismayed by my own lack of self esteem at others. I remember in 1995 getting a copy of Real Magic by Wayne Dyer and reading the 3 ways people generally live their lives:

  1. Living through suffering
  2. Living through outcome
  3. Living on purpose

I see every day a reflection of my own lack self in so many other people. People making choices that re-purposes their problems over and over  in life. Making the same choices and expecting different results. They are addicted to suffering like they are to the fatty carbs in a Big Mac and the nicotine in a cigarette. I resisted and judged these individuals deeply. Feeling my self righteous self dominate (My ego) and judge them.

When I finally realized I was projecting my weakness on these individuals (Like I did with Steve Pavlina’s intimacy choices) they no longer held the same resistance to me. The energy shifted. Just like Steve’s message of abundance was able to shift within me and the level of conscious vibration  shot through the roof.

I’ve lived through outcome much of my later years and as a young adult. Status, goals, deadlines and outward appearances where everything. It’s better than living through suffering but does come with it’s baggage as well. I’m still aware of it today but I don’t hold it in the same light as when it was a shadow I ignored. I choose to shed light on it even now as I write this.

Hell I just wrote a post about pulverizing procrastination and the first step is deadlines lol.

I’m shifting into living on purpose as we speak. It’s a searching that has always lead a good portion of  my life. My right brain self continues to desire creativity, expression and big thinking. My purpose starts with this blog I feel.

My thoughts are through sharing my insight, transparency and authenticity I inspire people to take a similar path or one that feels authentic to them. Meaning it feels good and that resonates through you all day like sharing here does for me. It just feels right.

These simple 3 steps brought to light to me that conscious every day living could be a choice rather than a fluke, mistake or luck. I was able to start living more authentically because I was moving towards my purpose now rather than through suffering or outcome.

All the “stuff” we want like money, cars and relationships comes naturally and we find less attachment to them when living through purpose. At least that’s what I’m finding.

Benefits Of Living Authentically

It probably goes with out saying what some of the benefits of living authentically are but let’s just say for the sake of conversation we put some out there and you add to them.

  • Less stress
  • Increased Health & Well Being
  • Deeper relationships
  • Greater joy in every day living-It’s true. When you love what you do you never work another day in your life!
  • (Insert your benefits here)

Cost of Not Living Authentically & Why

I believe there is a huge amount of stress we carry around either consciously or subconsciously when we’re not living authentically. It’s why the biggest day for heart attacks is on a Monday. The vast majority of people generally hate what they do for a living.  They aren’t living the life they envisioned when they were a child. They are in total resistance of doing their everyday mundane job because they don’t feel authentic or passionate about it. But of course it’s what mom and dad instilled in them when they were young. Go to school, get a good job with benefits, work there for 30 years and retire with a fat pension.

That doesn’t exist any more.

It’s a paradox of parenting because parents believe they are doing what’s best for their child.  Maybe the parent doesn’t want their baby to be disappointed when they don’t become a rock star or an artist or maybe even a race car driver. They don’t want to see their child struggle or suffer through life trying to live their dreams even if it’s the most authentic action to the child.

Truth is the parent is projecting their own fears onto their child based on their own selfish need for supposed stability and benefits at a good job. Truth is this harms the child’s growth and well being far beyond measure. (Keep in mind the exact opposite is possible. A parent can push a child to live a life the parent subconsciously wishes they would have lead)

I myself am staying open to the voice inside and what comes to me in my meditations in order to live authentically and on purpose. I’m staying open and at zero state in order for the message to come through me feels right.

  • As you read this are you conscious of not living authentically?
  • Are you wondering how you could be?
  • Or have you already allowed that voice to start living through you?

Inspire Others To Live Authentically

It’s interesting as to why we pay movie stars and entertainers so much money. We pay them to live out our dreams for us. I read that somewhere lately and I can’t remember where or I’d reference it. So very true though. We live through their lives.

Being a musician myself I can so relate to living authentically and knowing when I’m not. Playing music for me, writing what I wanted for me and expressing myself unconditionally was key. Bad notes and all lol. It didn’t come without it’s own set of challenges but was well worth it because it felt right.

Today I find myself on a different stage and so could you. My writing and blog videos here are my new expression and serve to inspire people and it feels good. The emails I receive from all over the world and comments here serve as a reminder I’m creating value for others. I don’t require the validation because it feels right anyway.

So I’m curious, when do you feel the most authentic and what are you doing when you do?

  • Is it when you write?
  • Is it when you play music?
  • Is it when you’re parenting?
  • Is it when you’re nurturing your spouse?
  • Is it when you’re teaching?
  • Is it while building a specific kind of business or brand?
  • Is it during meditation or yoga?
  • Is it while playing a sport?

The list could be endless. Leave a comment below on when you feel the most authentic because you never know who will be reading and who you will touch with your message. That would feel good wouldn’t it? 🙂

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