Are You Missing A Step While Gaining Access To Your Inner Peace?

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Gaining Access To Your Inner Peace

I felt it prudent after this past weeks heavy posts that I clarify something my good friend Evan brought to my attention. I’m taking his comment a tad out of context but to see it in its entirety go to the comments secion:

“My concern is that people who have had really awful experiences being told to ‘think differently about them and it will be OK”. I think this kind of insensitivity is motivated by the fear of having to deal with others awful experiences.”

He’s right, and it’s something I’ve thought I was extremely conscious of here at the blog. Matter of fact as I research other personal development blogs I see the cupcake advice on the law of attraction that’s given and it almost pains me just how little they scrape the surface of the work that’s required for people to make a true transition in their life.

My Process Not Yours

Prior to living more consciously of my actions and emotions, I had acquired lots of life stuff as beliefs and fixed perceptions about the way life actually was, which most weren’t true of course.

Your experiences are completely different although some of my experiences may resonate with you, hence why you read the blog. But as I’ve stated, I’m not your guru. Your experiences are yours and yours alone.

For myself, accessing my inner piece has been about peeling away those layers of beliefs so that I don’t continue running the emotional loops of behavior. In the beginning stages of this work I found I was attempting to overlay peace on top of chaos. (Chaos-Unresolved emotions & beliefs causing the loops of behavior) It didn’t work very well, at least not for me.

However once I started working on the shadow beliefs I had acquired over the years and shedding light on them, I was able to gain access to more of that inner peace and joy that we all posses originally as children.

Why? Because I was able to stand in my truth, go(ing) through the work and dissolve the past stuff in my life that was causing my emotional loops. Get to the root of some of that stuff, you’re able to not only stop those loops but realign yourself with new ones that serve you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Traumatic Experiences

Traumatic experiences can and usually do require professional assistance 1st and foremost.

I for one did have almost 3 years of professional psychiatric help after my child abuse at the age of 8. I was definitely traumatized and I to this day believe that work is one of the reasons I’ve had the ability and desire to go within. My curse was my blessing I would say. My therapy at such a young age taught me much about identifying and exploring my emotions although I wasn’t always so successful in the beginning. I did have issues.

I had just pulled out my Maxwell Maltz Psycho-Cybernetics CD’s to listen to again last week and ironically came across a great review of the book at Abundance Blog. I found something that ties directly with what we’re talking about here. In the comments section of that post Marelisa says that Maxwell left out one important thing, to go within, identify and “remove” the negative self image causes. (Beliefs & emotions causing the negative self image) I absolutely believe this fact. Transforming your self image before addressing the stuff is just not a great idea.

I realize this is the work the vast majority of people just aren’t willing to do. It’s so much easier to attempt to seek stuff outside of ourselves. Or over eat, smoke, drink excessively, gamble, porn addiction etc.

I completely agree with Evan. Telling someone they can simply think differently and it’s all going to be OK is absolutely naive and would be irresponsible of someone to suggest as a cure all.

My Disclaimer (Again)

This blog is for the more so, healthy individual, looking to go within explore and optimize the self who is here and now so I absolutely wouldn’t advocate insensitive advice and I’m glad Evan realized that. If this blog digs up deeper more sensitive (traumatic) stuff you should seek the advice of a professional. Not a blog.

I’d say for me at least looking further into competing commitments, personal prejudices and shadow beliefs may assist in making the peace more accessible and applicable. It may not be true for everyone but may be for someone. That someone may be you.

Included to assist in transformation and to make yourself feel good I believe it’s important to:

  • Practice Daily Meditation (To access that inner place of peace)
  • A balanced diet including lots of fruits & veggies
  • Proper Hydration (Lots of water)
  • Daily exercise or Yoga (The positive effects mentally alone are worth it)

There are many levels to personal development and it’s not a one size fits all.  Digging into and letting go of my past hurtful experiences has certainly been an important part for me but it doesn’t stop me from implementing the other stuff I just outlined. The positive mental effects alone of exercise, proper hydration & diet are huge.

Transformation is easy but it isn’t effortless. It takes hard work but the benefits are worth it. 🙂

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