Here’s Exactly What High Paying Clients Want From You

Do you want to attract high paying clients? Then whatever you do, don’t do this one thing.


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What High Paying Clients Do NOT Want

high paying clientsHi, this is Tony Teegarden with, helping you turn your problems into profits. Today I want to share with you a dying concept, and the concept is known as the “Thud Factor.”

Now way back in the day, at least in online years, this was something that was very common where you would simply send people a bunch of stuff, and this was very common in the direct response marketing world. You’d send them a huge box of stuff.

It would have 3 of the 100 pound spiral binders, all of the cassette tapes, 82 DVDs, and all that kind of stuff, and people would be wowed by the thud factor.

And they (the customer) normally would never send the content back because there was just so much stuff, and they might have said, “I’m going to get to this one day.” But chances are they very rarely did. There was a very small portion of the market that would.

Now The Problem Has Compounded

Now that same concept actually transferred itself into the online world where, and listen I’ve been guilty of it myself, offering 82 videos, which equaled 14 hours of video content, and 89 PDFs and 100 MP3 audios, and all of this stuff for your prospects to wade through in order to get the result that they want. Now I’m not saying that that’s not valuable.

But in today’s new economy there’s something now that people want more than ever. They don’t want more information.

Here’s What Your High Paying Clients REALLY Want

They just want the results, and that’s where with Tony really I have focused my efforts over the past year or two in just really helping people get that outcome that they desire quickly, efficiently, and lesser expensive then they can could ever do it on their own.

There is just simply a huge portion of the market right now that doesn’t want more stuff. They just want more of their result, and they want it faster, easier, and lesser expensive then they could do it by themselves.

Now What?

So in the next video, I’m going to share with you a concept that you can use to ensure that you don’t just create more stuff for people to pretend that there’s more value there. But there’s one concept that you can use, one strategy that you can use that will ensure that you’re actually doing what you say and delivering what you do.

So with that, this is Tony Teegarden. I appreciate it. If you like this video, you can go ahead and subscribe to get more awesome videos like it, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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