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My Purpose

How I found my purpose in business is probably VERY different than the movie popcorn rags to instant riches story.

It took me a long time to figure it out…and I was at the effect of it for MANY years.

The reality?

[ctt title=”My purpose was not found or discovered…it was forged.” tweet=”My purpose was not found or was forged. #business #coaching” coverup=”d17ri”]

Like molding a piece of iron into something useful…

…it took work.



And focus.
The definition of purpose is “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.”

The minute I took responsibility for my trajectory in life and knew what to make my FOCUS, I no longer felt alone or without purpose again.

Did I have it all figured out at first?


Looking back on HOW I’ve come to the point I am, I didn’t have a lot of shit figured out all.

I didn’t need to.

I just knew I could apply myself to solving a set of problems for a very specific type of person…

…who I later was able to narrow down through trial and error.

And I made it my mission to help them.

I observed them.

I listened to them.

I made an offer to help them.

I took their money.

I solved their problem.

Rince and repeat today.

For someone who doesn’t know his father…

…wasn’t raised in a traditional family environment, only has a high school education, found himself living on the street, and has almost died from two drug overdoses…

…I haven’t done too bad.

But I was lost at one point.

Looking back, there were 3 words that come to mind.




They’ve turned my life around.

They shaped my perspective of myself and of why I am here.

Today I don’t believe in excuses.

Only contribution and growth.

The only thoughts that are powerful are the ones I choose to believe.

I choose…

…To serve.

To Love.

To live.

Where ever you are…

…there’s always a reason to thrive.

A purpose to live for.

…[continued in Podcast]

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