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::WARNING:: this post has less to do with with “strategies and tactics” and more to do with the intangible & conceptual principles that dictate whether you show up powerfully in your business or not coaching & consulting business.

[ctt title=”The better stories you tell yourself, the more effective stories you will communicate into your market.” tweet=”The better stories you tell yourself, the more effective stories you’ll communicate into your market.” coverup=”MyObI”]

Leading yourself MINDFULLY is the greatest light you can shine in the world…

…and in order to do so you’ll need to give yourself some C.R.E.D.I.T.

If you expect to HAVE a certain outcome, such as a 6 or even 7 figure business
that’s run efficiently, there are going to be steps you’re going to need to DO.

And to DO those specific steps consistently you’re going to need to BE a certain
type of person who demonstrates certain qualities.

So no this isn’t the next sexy Twitter strategy or Periscope tactic…

…but these ARE fundamental qualities that dictate how quickly and efficiently you
navigate your journey ahead and reach your desired outcomes and goals.

The stories you’ll tell yourself ABOUT YOURSELF should be congruent with what
you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you know for a fact you can do for your

One of the leading reasons aspiring experts and coaches never get off the ground,
or take so long to do so, is because they feel incongruent in their offering and what
they’re capable of delivering.

They’ve been told, “Follow your passion and the money will follow…”

…hope is NOT an action plan and the uncertainty of precisely HOW that’s going to
happen allows room for fear to bread.

The gap created by incongruences allows for anxiety and distortion to grow within
the body…

…and you can’t escape the feeling no matter how subtle it is.


Because the thoughts and images of what will happen because you’re NOT congruent
trigger a chemical response in your body.

It creates complacency, excuses as to why you can’t do what’s necessary and

HOWEVER – Story, Strategy, and Systems are the answer…

And the number one thing is…

…to ensure the story you’ve lived that has lead to what you’ve done and supports
what you can do for clients are all congruent.

Build a strategy that puts that story in front of your ideal audience…

…and create systems for attracting, selling and serving your clients.

You’ll eliminate resistance before it ever happens.

Start first and foremost with taking responsibility for your congruence.

No one is going to come in and discover you OR save you from obscurity…

…it’s rare.

However, we’re indoctrinated by movies where a prodigy with spectacular skill is
miraculously discovered and then amasses money and fame.

It doesn’t happen like that at all.

If you DO want the possibility of this happening, you have to put yourself in a place
that it COULD happen.

However, it’s more appropriate to take responsibility for your story, your trajectory,
your marketing communication and ultimately for your success.

Your story DICTATES your trajectory.

If you haven’t crafted and articulated your story your communication will be
UNCLEAR and therefore, it will not be precise.

Take responsibility for your communication strategy INTO the market because
if all you’re doing is talking about what you DO for people, you’ll be speaking to
deaf ears.

People do NOT care about what you do until you can articulate that you understand
what it is they’re missing in their lives.

Take responsibility for how you’re perceived by the market because if you’re not
positioned as a unique problem solver who
CARES, your market will ignore you.

Take responsibility for the systems in your business (or lack thereof) because without
them you’ll be making sales by pure luck while eventually creating uncertainty in
your business…

…and wherever there is uncertainty, fear breads and money runs away.

It’s impossible to get inside the heart and mind of your ideal client without the aid
of empathy…

Why is this important?

Definition of Empathy: “The ability to understand and SHARE the feelings of another
because you can imagine what it is to be like them.”

Because without the ability to do so you will never DEEPLY connect with them and
they will not feel you understand them, their fears, their frustrations, their wants or
their desires…

…and therefore, you will never communicate with them effectively enough to attract
their attention.

You will always communicate from a place that’s important to YOU rather than
what’s important to THEM.


The ability to discipline ones self through “awareness” that there are natural
consequences or COST to not following through on the simple day to day routines
associated to your success.

The definition of discipline is the practice of training people to obey the rules or a
code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

However it’s obviously not necessary to punish yourself…

…it’s only necessary to be AWARE of the costs should you not follow through on
being intentional in your business.

Write down everything you want as a result of a successful high ticket business…

…and then write down what that success means BEYOND just yourself:

– What are the benefits to your family?
– What are the benefits to your future clients?
– What are the benefits to your local community?
– What are the benefits to your state or providence?
– What are the benefits to your country?
– What are the benefits to the world as we know it?

When you are clear on the benefits you will align yourself automatically with
the daily disciplines necessary to deliver you to results.

However what are the costs both tangibly and intangibly to you and those
beyond yourself if you do NOT follow through on the daily disciplines?

When you understand both sides of the equation you not only steer clear of
behavior that doesn’t serve you but you feel more naturally aligned with the
behaviors that DO serve you because you have context.

Context serves you to remain disciplined and intentional in your activities
and beliefs.


Something that is intended has a purposeful design…

…it’s the state of a person’s mind that directs his or her actions toward a
specific object or goal.

You want to be clear and Intentional in your thoughts, your trajectory, your
communication, and your desire to serve people efficiently and profitably…

…so do so that you DESIGN a life worth living.

Without intention you can never predictably arrive to your desired outcomes.

You want to build a 6 or even 7 figure business where you HIGHLY serve

You’ll never do it without a very specific and clear intention.

– Be intentional about your long term and short term goals so you can look
back each week, each month and each quarter and feel good about the
progress you’ve made.

– Be intentional when it comes to your health and your fitness because a
healthy energetic body supports a sharp mind.

– Be intentional in your thoughts and the pictures in your mind because
they trigger a chemical response in your body known as feelings.

– Be intentional about the books you read and the movies you watch so you
are continually educated and inspired because they both will your level
of vibration.

– Be intentional about taking time OFF so you remain fresh and inspired in
your perspective both professionally and personally.

– Be intentional about who you spend your time around so you remain
inspired and supported in your professional and personal life.

– Be intentional about your morning rituals so that you set the context for
your day and how efficiently you remain on trajectory.

– Be intentional about the type of clients you want to attract and work with
because it will help you identify who to say NO to and support you in
building a business you enjoy.

– Be intentional in your vision you want to bring to fruition so you feel
purposeful each day in your actions, behaviors and beliefs.

There are two ways you can show up to your problems…

…you can react or you can choose to respond.

The highs and lows of building a business can cause one to irrationally and

…by tempering your emotions you have the ability to CHOOSE whether you
remain in your heart or REACT and remain distraught in body and mind.

By tempering your emotions – and allowing the fullness of each situation to
express itself to completion, you have the power to learn without the
emotional highs and lows.

This is a demonstration of emotional intelligence…

…positioning yourself as the observer of your thoughts and therefore choosing
to respond to people and situations.

If you’re reacting then it’s already too late.

Many people who find themselves reacting via an emotional high – find
themselves at the effect of that said situation when it
doesn’t meet their expectations.

I’ve seen clients who get OVERLY excited when their first high-paying client comes on board but then crash and burn into depression when
the next prospect says no, therefore leaving them feeling rejected.

Your thoughts and the images created in your mind by those thoughts, trigger
chemical reactions in your body known as feelings.

Those feelings WILL impact your behavior and therefore, reinforce your original
thoughts, thus continuing the cycle.

If your original thoughts are of irrational expectations such as EVERYONE you
talk to is going to become a new high paying client OR the opposite, that NO
ONE is going to want to work with you because of whatever reason…

…then you will always be at the effect of what happens OUTSIDE of you instead of
taking responsibility first and foremost of the temperament INSIDE of you.

This way you don’t put yourself on a pedestal and you don’t put yourself in the pit…you remain steady and in your heart at all times.

The moment you begin to practice giving yourself C.R.E.D.I.T. you are more
effective within your mind, your body and your business.

You are less at the effect of people and situations OUTSIDE because you are
MUCH more effective at managing what’s going on INSIDE.

Building a 6 and 7 figure coaching & consulting business begins WITHIN you
and when done properly you design a structure that can withstand even the
greatest of natural challenges…

…because there WILL be challenges.

There WILL be blows to you and your business.

There WILL be distractions and shiny objects.

However, you will be steadfast at the CORE because your self-image, your
self-esteem and your self efficacy were built brick by brick with solid
principles and qualities that can stand the test of time and distraction.

So with that, let there be purpose through clarity.

Now rock on.

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