How To Deal With Negative People Personally and Professionally

How to Deal With Negative People Personally and Professionally

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Highlights of this video:
[00:18] – How to leave me a voice message and ask questions
[00:45] – One word that can change how you see negative people in your life
[00:49] – Take %100 responsibility for your own _______
[01:28] – The cause and effect theory – that really works
[01:40] – What to look for in your business that may be draining your energy

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How To Deal With Negative People Personally and Professionally 

how to deal with negative peopleHi. This is Tony, with, and this is your Two Minutes with Tony.

So this past week I received a voicemail message from my website. Yes, I received a voicemail message, and, matter of fact, if you have any questions or comments or anything that you want to share, you can actually go to, and you will see down on the bottom left-hand corner where you can leave me questions in a voicemail. I’ll be happy to have you do that, and actually using Speak Talk.

I got a message from Misty, and Misty asked the question:  “What if your friends and your family are the cause of negativity in your life?” Now, I really want to bring awareness the word that was used – “cause.”

Here’s What You Actually DO

When you decide to take 100% responsibility for your emotions and what happens in your life, you become the cause instead of at the effect of other people.

So the key here is that if you have a business and you’re working from home, and I even realize this with a lot of my clients and they are coaches and they’re mentoring individuals, they still have friends or family or certain people that are within their sphere of influence that could be the cause of some negativity or some sort of emotional drain around their energy in their business.

What I really want to help you to really acknowledge here today is that when you begin to take 100% responsibility for your emotions, you become the cause of what happens in your life, rather than becoming at the effect of what happens in your life.

How to Identify You’re At the Effect Of Negative People Professionally 

So really just want to make sure that if you are in your business right now and you’re feeling any type of emotional drain, take a look at the relationships around you, and make sure that you’re not at the effect of those relationships and that you become the cause. You can do this by becoming very clear on exactly where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and exactly what you’re going to accomplish by doing it.

This is Tony Teegarden, with If you enjoyed this video, go ahead and leave your comments below or a question.

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