How To Finally Make Amazing Income From Your Passion TPIP: 0009

your passion

If you’ve ever found yourself pouring everything you have into your coaching & expertise business, from blogging, to networking and coaching clients, but aren’t getting massive ROI, then you may be a victim of the passion zapper.

This is what Dan Kennedy calls the “Un-Businesslike Arrangement.” When you’re doing what you feel called to do and exerting a lot of energy…but you’re NOT getting paid anything NEAR what you desire (or need). It’s not long before doubt and uncertainty start to creep in and you begin considering quitting and finding a job that provides more stable income.

We know the pain and humiliation that’s associated with quitting, so we continue to grind out making a meek living.

Don’t fear, in this episode I’m going to share with you the formula of how to begin to apply your talents and expertise in a way that you start to create more flow and wealth in your professional and personal life.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The approach nearly all coaches & experts take that causes them to struggle or go broke
  • How the need to be creative and expressive causes you problems (and costs you clients)
  • How to integrate your need to be creative and expressive into a profitable coaching biz
  • Why telling people what you do actually pushes them away
  • Why your competition is eating your lunch (it’s partly your fault)
  • The 4 Steps you have to take action on right now to create more in-flow into your business
  • The Pill and the Piece of cheese concept

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