How To Get What You Want Out Of Your Business (And Life)

How to get what you want out of your business and life more effectively and efficiently

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Highlights of this video:
[00:26] – How Pain and Uncertainty and serve you
[00:35] – How to harness the power of understanding away and towards behavior for increased success
[00:42] – Away behavior is driven by ______.
[00:48] – Towards behavior is driven by ______.
[01:17] – One way to leverage uncertainty and make it work for you is to see it as a _________.

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The Single Biggest Secret Of How To Get What You Want Out Of Your Business And Life 

how to get what you wantHi, this is Tony with, and this is your Two Minutes with Tony.

So this last week I received an email from one of the coaches that I work with, both on a professional and personal basis through mentoring and coaching, and she’d had a huge realization in her business, that she was focusing too much of her energy on moving away from some possible pain in her business or that was going to come up in her business, as opposed to focusing on the uncertainty of what she’s going to receive from moving forward.

This is very common, actually, when you look at a way and towards behavior. Many people are driven by a way behavior, which means they’re trying to get away from some sort of pain. And then there are a lot of people who are inspired or motivated to move towards what they do want, and therefore they are okay with the uncertainty of what’s going to happen on the way of getting what they want, but they’re still inspired by that towards behavior.

Making Effortless Movement Forward

The goal here was that she wanted to begin to make effortless movement forward, and because she was focusing so much on the pain and what she didn’t want in her life, she wasn’t putting as much energy and investing as much of her resources into moving towards what she did want.

When she got okay with uncertainty and realized that uncertainty was her friend – another word for uncertainty, by the way, is surprise, and we like surprises in many case – so the big goal for her was that she wanted to move forward. She began to do so, because of this huge realization.

So, ask yourself:  Are you clear on where you’re going, and are you okay with the uncertainty of exactly how you’re going to get there?

Because if you just set the goal, set the intention and don’t get attached to plan A, because plan A never works, by the way; if you’ll be okay with that uncertainty and move forward, you’ll find yourself having a lot more fun and having a lot more progression in your business and also in your personal life.

So this is Tony with, and if you enjoyed this video, go ahead and hit Like below. Make sure you leave your comments or your questions as well. I’d love to go ahead and answer those for you. So again, Tony with Tony Teegarden (dot) com. I’ll see you in the next video.

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