How To NOT Charge Hourly Rates For Your Coaching TPIP: 0030


Do you feel trapped by hourly coaching? Do you feel as if you’re spread too thin when it comes to the number of clients you have to help and the amount of revenue you’re actually bringing in? If so Episode 0030 is for you!

From the Podcast:

“Hello everybody! According to the latest Executive Coaches Earnings Report produced by Sherpa Coaching, per session rates for coaching have been declining over the past three years. Is this your experience in your marketplace? If so, what do you believe is causing it?”

Here’s my answer to this supposed “delima”…

…Rather than be worried about it – avoid it altogether:

Step #1: Don’t charge hourly so you’re not lumped into this category as a commodity.

Step #2: Be sure to position yourself as anything other than a generic title like “life coach.”

Step #3: Be niched and specific in who you’re helping and the problem you’re solving for them through your positioning – Example: The Midlife Crisis Women’s Coach.

Step #4: Have in place a system that attracts lots of pre-qualified prospects TO you, where YOU determine if they’re a good fit.

This is a surefire way to avoid having to be concerned about “hourly prices” at all.

None of my clients worry about it because they’re attracting clients who are already hungry for their solution, rather than running around trying to convince their prospects why they should eat.

Listen to the podcast for the rest!

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