How To Turn Blog Readers Into Buyers Without Being Obnoxious TPIP: 0008

blog readers

I recently had someone ask me why they couldn’t turn their blog readers into clients, even after trying everything she could think of.

In this episode I go even deeper into the philosophy and principles of what it really takes to screen for ideal prospects amongst the hundreds of people who aren’t a good fit for your coaching or expertise.

If you’re having a hard time turning readers into buyers, there’s a specific reason, and I’ll share it in this episode.

In this episode I’ll share with you:

  • The one thing your content is missing
  • Why your readers don’t feel compelled to take any further action than just reading your stuff
  • How to create less content and get bigger results
  • What your blog contents intention really needs to be
  • Why low ticket choices reduce your chances of inviting high ticket clients to work with you
  • The choice you HAVE to make before you do your next blog post
  • The 4 questions you want to ask before you create your next piece of content
  • The only two things your content should be doing for your readers
  • And much more…

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