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Do you want more leads, new clients and a lot more money in the bank without a ton of complexity? Then this episode is for you. Discover what 3 major mistakes most experts and coaches are making when approaching their online sales and marketing efforts.

[Yup, this is Episode 37 even though I say episode 38 in the podcast]
Here’s what I traditionally see happening that keeps coaches and experts from generating $10k to $30k from advanced sales of their programs:
  1. Expert spends months creating a program based on what they think people need rather
    than what they actually want [Why? Because of course they’re the expert]
  2. Expert creates a hot website and “funnel” with videos, tripwires, and multiple email sequences based on what they see other people do
  3. Expert struggles to find and send people through said funnel [with no sales or only a piddly few]

I have countless conversations each week with experts & coaches with this issue.

I spoke with someone a few weeks ago who has been applying these 3 steps for 3 YEARS.

No surprise – he’s still struggling.

People want “more traffic” or a “better conversion sequence” when one simple fact usually is the culprit…

…the bucket they’re wanting to fill has some major holes.

Pouring more water into a bucket with holes won’t fix the problem.

These folks don’t have a traffic problem or even a funnel problem  – THEY HAVE AN OFFER PROBLEM.

[ctt title=”Most experts & coaches are trying to sell what they DO rather than what their ideal prospect is missing.” tweet=”Most experts & coaches are trying to sell what they DO rather than what their ideal prospect is missing.” coverup=”D5zc3″]

You see, you don’t need more videos, funnels, “tripwires” or upsells.

What you want to do is to test your offer…

…are people ABLE, CAPABLE AND WILLING to give you money to solve their perceived problem based on your you make?

My clients don’t physically invest time, energy or resources creating an actual program until they’ve brought in $10k to $30k in sales…or more.

Over the past few years I’ve create a healthy 6 figure income with usually nothing more than a
1 hour webinar, an application, and a phone conversation.

That’s been my “funnel” not to mention LOADS of referrals.

But as of late I’ve simplified it even more:

Step 1) What perceived problem does my ideal prospect have?

Step 2) Reach out and offer to help them solve it

Step 3) Take their money and guide them to eliminating their pain + help them get their desired results.

This is a pretty universal approach and works in all sorts of situations, not just webinars or

Am I over simplifying?

I don’t think so…

…because for something to work on a grand scale you want to make sure it works on a smaller scale first.

The good news is my clients make a few BIG sales with quiet offers that the main stream doesn’t hear about.

We’re helping them to confirm their offer is solid BEFORE we put all that other crazy complicated stuff in place.

And we know it’s solid because the money is in the bank 🙂

If you’re able to facilitate a transformation but you’re struggling with knowing where to start creating, selling and delivering your first high-end program let’s chat…

…let’s find out where you’re stuck and what fixing it looks like.

If I can help – I’ll offer help.

If I can’t – I won’t.

Head over to https://tonyteegarden.com/apply

One thing I won’t do is load you down with MORE information. People are already constipated
with enough knowledge.

Let’s just get shit done because there’s no better time than now to do it.

When everyone else is struggling to start out 2016 – you’ll already have your offer in the bag.

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