I Failed…(And What It Takes To Bounce Back)

I FailedWhat’s your definition of failure?

Seriously write down the first thing that comes to you right now and I’ll share with you my definition in a minute. I promise this is valuable.

I failed the first grade.

It’s true.

Little did I realize what kind of impact this had on my self image as well as my outlook on life as I got older. As a kid I didn’t think much of it because I didn’t have any context to compare it to.

No big deal. Right? Just keep moving forward.

But then as I got older and I happened to share it with other kids in conversation, they would snicker or ask me if I was “dumb” and I learned quickly the uncomfortable feeling of shame.

I now had context based on what other people think.

Failing the first grade wasn’t “normal” by their standards.

I didn’t know it was shame I felt, but I knew what the experience felt like, to not seem as good as the kids who were laughing at me. Your fear of failure around not succeeding is fueled by school, your up bringing and big media. What’s implied is there’s no 2nd chance.

At least that’s what “they” would have you believe.

Think about it in this context.

People who have “failed” by filing bankruptcy or lost everything are singled out as failures, people who didn’t know what they were doing or were trying to pull one over on everyone and got caught.

You’re led to believe that once you’ve gone through bankruptcy you don’t have another shot in business. That somehow this makes you less than a person or that your failure is who you are.

Because of this programing it’s implied that failure is finite.

My definition is something FAR more empowering.

Truly, Our Failure Is Feedback.

The feedback we receive and experience is revealing to us where we are consciously in this time and space.

  • What will you make this mean about you?
  • Will you answer the question consciously and objectively?
  • Will you look to someone else to take responsibility over your experience or will you own it and the gift it presents?

Will you take this occasion as n opportunity to rise up in the face of adversity. To become better, wiser and stronger.

 “No one is a failure, if they choose to perceive their experiences as feedback and move forward as so.” 

People are chastised if they have attempted to go out, do something new and made mistakes.

We see this as some sort of finite failure because we’re programmed today to think this by “big media”. That somehow warriors of freedom won’t pay any kind of price and if they do, they aren’t really warriors. They are less than average.

Your fears of providing your value to the world were seeded when you were young and are fueled today by big media and what they tell you failure means.

Many people around you aren’t conscious of what’s implied and have bought into the definition that failure is finite. The reward isn’t worth the risk.

Here’s what I want to really convey with you today with all my heart.

YOU my friend are not a victim of your experience. The experience is giving you the gift of starting over with a new slate. People are doing it already.

You knew the risks of stepping into this role as a heart warrior who’s willing to put it on the line for your freedom. I don’t care if it’s an MLM, an online business or a brick and mortar company. There’s no shame in in taking the shot.

There is however an opportunity to ensure you’re taking strategic shots and not just shots in the dark.

The feedback of your struggles are revealing to you a fork in the road. Your fear is revealing to you a choice to remain a prisoner of this media constructed fear or to use it to gain wisdom that you are more than a finite result. That you are willing and ready to be strategic with your engagement.

Will you choose to step back and witness yourself as having a new experience and get strategic or will you choose to crumble within yourself and give up your right to grow.

There’s only one thing I’ve found that will allow you to relax into this fear and to discover the gift it has to reveal to you. You can finally express your true natural talents to the world in a bold new way when you discover this concept and run with it.

You can finally relax into your business in a way where you’re all in and not under any illusion of what the next step actually holds for you.

Failure will no longer have it’s grip around you and your future will seem brighter than ever.

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