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Eliminate Resistance to $10k And Even $15k Pay “Days”…All without striving to be “THE BEST”

Even 16 and 17 year MMA instructors used this ONE particular behavior to create $10k and even $15k paydays…

That’s what I’ve got for you in your new podcast interview.

In Episode 48 of Turn Your Problems Into Profits we covered A LOT of ground but most importantly:

#1: Ego…and why you WANT one in your business (Plus 3 VERY well known historical figures that PROVE you want an ego)

#2: Expansiveness…and exactly what causes constriction both in inside yourself AND in your coaching businesses cash flow.

#3: Money that never ends…unless you assign one particular meaning to it. (don’t miss this one)

All of these are pieces of the puzzle you want if you’re a coach or consultant who wants to grow a lucrative practice that doesn’t suck the life from you.

Before we get started:

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My guest today has an intention to bring you the best of what he’s learned during his studies and travels so that you might experience yourself thinking – and acting – in a way that truly honors your gifts in this world.

He has a background in martial arts, both practicing and training elite level a UFC fighter.

By age 20 he had competed throughout the US and Mexico in a variety of tournaments ranging from local semi-contact matches to full-blown, no-holds-barred events where the winner was the last man standing after brutal rounds with no weight classes, no safety equipment, and no rules.

Make no mistake, my guest is one of the most compassionate people I’ve observed in our online space and brings expansiveness to all he teaches both online and off…both in business and in life.

Welcome Jessie Elder

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