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Episode 0044:

IF you have a small email list you can make BIG sales regardless

Think your list of 100 or 200 email subscribers can’t be profitable? Think you have to have a list of thousands and thousands to make any significant income? Then this episode is for you.

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Small lists generate big sales if you do this…

Hi it’s Tony 🙂

For the longest time, I was making $8k to
$10k per month with only a few hundred
people on my list.

That’s right.

Oh and I know…

That flies in the face of a lot of advice you
get from the “gurus” out there.

How did I do it you ask?

Well first off…

It’s not the size of the list that matters…
…it’s just 3 little pieces.

You want the right:

  1. Audience
  2. Offer
  3. System

You see if you’re struggling with building a list
or selling anything to the one you have…

…it’s because you’re missing one or all of these

It’s like baking a cake.

You can make it without the eggs and add them
later but it’s not going to turn out very well ?
You’ve got to know the audience and the problem
you’re solving.
You’ve got to craft an offer that’s perceived as valuable
and provide it to that audience.
And you’ve got to have a system in place for vetting out
the people who are an ideal fit.
And inside of the High Ticket Blogging
Formula I help you make sure you’re targeted in
your approach.
Together, we’re targeting an audience that knows they have a
that knows they have a big problem that has
big consequences if it’s not solved.

We’re crafting an offer they’re starving for.

And we have a system for vetting through the
prospects who aren’t serious.

Would you like help putting these pieces together?

If so…lets talk.

I’ve got some time today and Thursday to

Remember, this class isn’t a “cheap” course.

This is a done with you process that gets
big results.

So if you’re not willing to invest highly in
yourself in order to create a 6 figure group
coaching business…

…then this isn’t for you.

However if you’re ready to make a big leap
in your results this is it.

On your side,
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