Is The Law Of Attraction Played Out?

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Too Much Law of Attraction

Has the Law Of Attraction truly become the starting point for any and all personal and life changing principals or has it run it’s course as a fad?

Has it become the McDonalds of personal development? Quick ,easy and served fast but with little or no substance other than think and you will change?

I wonder why is it so many people doing MLM’s and Network Marketing are primarily the ones I see pushing the concept? Or I see people pushing it on the MLM’ers & network marketers. It’s almost like watching a really bad used car sales pitch where the sales guy/gal is taking advantage of the customer.

I’ve very rarely written on the subject of the Law of Attraction, if much at all. Not because I don’t believe in it. I certainly do. (Notice the banner at the top of my blog for example) But I’m sure I’ll get some crap for this one never the less.

I’m looking for your feedback on this one.

I wrote about The Secret of course when it first came out but even then I’ve always been aware that it was just a starting point. It’s not a be all end all solution to a person’s life challenges.

I see so much about the LOA still to this day on Facebook and Twitter that’s it’s almost hard for me to take it seriously anymore. The Secret has been out for how many years now? The message is still powerful and there are legions of people out there that haven’t become aware of the concept yet. However…

The Problem With The Attraction

I would think by now someone would have taken the concept and applied it to a much deeper level of change & maybe even implemented a blueprint of some sort that goes below or beyond the LOA. Maybe it has and I’m just not aware of it?

In my opinion the LOA touches on the surface level of change. It doesn’t have you confront issues of your past head on, or even acknowledge the programs that are going on with in you that keep you from being able to sustain the change the LOA encourages. Sure you’re inspired and that’s great, but do you sabotage yourself still even though you’re inspired?

That sounds awful frustrating doesn’t it?

I believe this is where lots of people are stuck though.

As i see it, it’s like over writing a computer program with another program on top of it. They are conflicting with each other, become problematic and the person is left standing there saying, “But I’m thinking positive thoughts, why aren’t I getting different results?”

Sure the LOA can bring a person into a state of awareness even positive consciousness and yes, that’s a positive start.(MANY peoples lives have begun transformation just because of the awareness it’s created in their lives)

But does it actually facilitate true long lasting change? Does the persons journey become more frustrating or facilitated?

I remember reading Mark Joyner’s blog [Cartoon] about the Law of Attraction when the big explosion came out in 2006 and maybe I’m behind the times but I remember going into resistance when I read it. (He’s since supported Joe Vitale on this subject)

But I digress, this isn’t to challenge the Law of Attraction but to challenge is the message played out? Should it have evolved by now into something much more verifiable, with quantifiable results?

How many people are training on something they haven’t done themselves in the LOA field? Like home business scams it’s really hard to say isn’t it?

Have I Jumped The Positive Ship?

Now before you go screaming mutiny!!! Tony is jumping ship!!!  Don’t.

I’m  a firm believer in the power of the the LOA. It’s helped open doors which have lead me down paths of both challenge and change. I’m just asking a few questions here. 🙂

I firmly believe the actually delivery of the LOA principles is played out, not the concept or it’s effectiveness. Hell even the name kinda gets on my nerves these days. I think it’s the MLM make money with it only delivery that grates me the worst.

I know I’m going to mash some buttons with this but it’s how I feel. I’m tired of Twitter messages and FB Groups focused on “Attract more money into your life using the LOA principles!!”

Money, fitness, happy relationships etc are all simply a result of living your life by the right principles.

One of my clients I’m working with said it best:

If you want to lose weight, quit trying. Fat loss is a result of proper nutrition, education & a disciplined lifestyle. Make those your focus and the result will be losing body fat while looking better naked.” -Roy Taylor

Clearly the message of LOA for making money reasons is what I’m targeting here.

I’m tired of the tricks and tips to making money. Whether off line or online. The principles that are applied to a great body are so similar to creating wealth it’s not even funny. They both are a choice.

Proper mental nutrition, the right business vehicle and discipline will help you create the wealth you desire, but that you must have a desire for a better quality of life. Not just more money.

Personal Development Mash Up

I asked the question if the LOA was played out on my Facebook page and I got a HUGE response. Some said the actual message is played out but not the principle. Who is delivering the message was another big point brought up. (I totally believe this is why I even felt like writing this post, the who’s have zero credit for the most part)

My question is where do you start to really implement true long lasting change once exposed to the LOA principle?

Do you overwrite the programs (beliefs) that you have governed yourself by for years? (Basically ignoring your original beliefs)

Do you identify, challenge and then delete the original programs (beliefs) first before you attempt to think positive?

These are big questions to ask.

I’m obviously incorporating my study of shadow work here as a means of which to first identify, challenge and accept these beliefs you may have had in place for some many years. Maybe even decades.

There for allowing you to facilitate the change in mind set, rituals and daily results. (Which can lead to a better body, more cash flow and a better quality of life)

So The Question Still Stands

Is the Law of Attraction Played out? Or is it who is singing the message of the LOA that is played out?

Am I instigating something here?

Probably so.

Am I calling out some folks who use the LOA purely as a money maker?


It comes down to the magic pill that many people are looking for in order to make quick change easily. And there are a few people out there that use the LOA as a means to make a quick buck. Some people want to be duped and believe it’s easy to create the changes in life they desire.

For some people it is easy because the ground work has been set. Whether consciously or unconsciously their change is facilitated by their beliefs at some point and time before the LOA principle was shared with them. Their pump was primed you could say.

Regardless I’m curious of your insights beliefs

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