Leading In An Unconscious Community

Awareness As A Commodity

“The universe will never let you down as long as you let it in.“-Me

I thought I had a pretty good grasp on what It meant to be a leader & lead others and maybe you do too but then…

As of late I was reading Tribes by Seth Godin and really getting into the philosophies of what it means to really lead others in this changing environment.

On top of that, after last night my perception or my old model of leadership as Eben Pagan stated last night on a call about leadership, has shifted.

My thoughts & beliefs have always been, a good leader is someone who leads themselves first and that was comforting to hear Eben state last night. (I left that out of the video above.)

But you don’t grow being comfortable.

Just as important is understanding how you lead yourself so that you become more effective at constructing a vision for others to participate in and collaborate on.

Leadership is about change. Conscious change. What is the change we want to make, from what it is currently to something we want…what we want is the vision!“-Wyatt Woodsmall

This is where I felt I was dead on in the video above about awareness being the next commodity within the community.

Groups of people (Tribes) are now leading rather than one person leading as a dictatorship.

In the video I talk about someone being wound up on their own. I realize now just how important their individual efforts are as a single unit as long as they have participated in the over all collaborative effort of the vision itself.

Vision is key, vision isn’t just some ideas you have it’s a picture that triggers an emotion & motivation. It attracts people to it.“-Eben Pagan

Over all between reading Tribes this month and listening to the leadership call last night with Eben & Wyatt I’ve found a much more defined area to be worked on and more than ever I understand the meaning of what I said in the video.

Awareness is the next commodity in the community but the next step is making sure your community shares and collaborates on the same over all awareness as well.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

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