What Do You Make Life Mean Part 1

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Defining Life’s Outcomes

In his book Real Magic, outcome is the 2nd way of enlightenment through living in what Wayne Dyer calls the 3 ways people live their lives:

  1. Through suffering
  2. Through outcome
  3. On purpose

Living life through suffering just plain sucks, especially if you become conscious of it and continue to do it. (Yup I’m guilty) I tend to believe people live through suffering when they don’ raise their level of conscious living.

Living our lives through outcome is where we live by deadlines & expectations of a certain end result. It’s much better than suffering however it doesn’t come with out it’s stresses too. We tend to allow things outside of ourselves to dictate how we feel when we encounter an outcome.

Living our lives on purpose is where you don’t feel you put effort into making things happen in the traditional sense. You do put forth effort. From some peoples perceptions you may be working hard, but from your perspective you just flow and be. Much like I feel when I’m writing here at TonyTeegarden.com. 🙂 I do it purposely and with a plan however it feels natural.

There are lots of people living in suffering and even more simmering between suffering and outcome. Let’s talk about it.

Interpreting Life’s Outcomes

Purposely raising your level of consciousness is a major step in investing in your self growth.  Aligning your thoughts and actions from suffering to outcome doesn’t always happen consciously though. At least it didn’t for me for years.

When coming from a life of suffering, this may be the only way of learning that a person would know.

You may be moved to make a shift in the quality of your life but  you may make this shift unconsciously.  A great pain of some sorts forces you to align yourself in a different manner than you have before. It causes different thought and you take a different action. This creates a different outcome.

This is good, however it’s a formula you probably wouldn’t be aware of and the emotional loop of what you say you don’t want, would find it’s way back into your life. It permeates your personal as well as business. This has happened to me more times than I can count. I found myself replaying the same emotional loops over and over. Like I talked about in yesterday’s post I had emotional childhood loops running my head like:

  • I’m not wanted
  • I was a mistake
  • I’m not loved

Obviously I realize these are bullshit beliefs, but never the less they are there and they must be unearthed, marched into the light and dealt with.

Begin to put some time into interpreting your end results to reflect positive growth. You except how you got your end result in the realm of suffering by taking responsibility. You finally break through because your spirit has had enough.

Eventually enough is enough and you have an internal shift.

You may know exactly what I’m talking about here. You’ve probably run up against this feeling before and maybe you didn’t fully shift but you knew something there was awaiting you, something good just patiently awaiting your arrival. It’s just a knowing you have but it seems elusive and just beyond your comprehension. This is emotional outcome & living in expectation. It’s better than suffering but it’s not living on purpose.

Changing What Life’s Outcomes Mean

Begin to interpret life’s outcomes more as a choice you made sometime weeks, months or even years ago.

The outcomes of today are a result of past choices, if you want to make an impact on your immediate future start making better choices today.“-Me

This is part of your shift.

I’ve gone from what I call shit to shift in a moments notice, but for some reason I seemed to like to make the shit part take longer the majority of the time, just to make sure  I get the lesson.  This was my underlying commitments to suffering even when I consciously believed I was working towards a better outcome.

Ever felt this way?

This is the shadow at work. The work comes by shedding light (making the shadow public) and not giving it any more energy. Shadow is weakened by light (I define light as acknowledgment)

Too many times I didn’t acknowledge my shadow beliefs and I dealt with shit for it through suffering.

In part two I’ll talk about what it means to set up life’s outcomes and how you and I are actually the co-creator of our outcomes.

In the mean time share with me your thoughts.

Any of this resonate with you?

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