Linking Outside To Breakthrough On Inner Levels-6 Must Read Blog Posts

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Links to Inner Levels

I’m glad to bring to you some of my favorite reads in the past week or two that all seem to have tied together multiple levels personally & professionally for me. I hope you take the time to read their posts and let me know what you walk away from with them.

Allison NazarianIntroducing: The Lull

Alli, so that you know, is able to take concepts ideas that you may not have ever been able to articulate before and put them into a clear concise picture within her posts. In her most recent post she talks about the the Lull which I find myself somewhat in right now.

She not only shares with you exactly what the Lull is but even gives you meat and potato steps to embrace the lull so you make the very best of it and aren’t afraid to take step 2 in life.

The Art of Great ThingsThe Risk Of Breaking the Rules

Ever been a rule breaker? You may not think so but many of us are breaking the rules all the time. In this post come to grips with what it means to break the rules and how exactly you can break out of the box of rules.

I love where he goes with this post based on whatever rule you may break there is the risk of being hurt. When you come out of the lull you may find yourself needing to break some rules.

Jonathan MeadWhy Passion Won’t Build a Business

You’ve come out of the Lull, you’ve decide to break the rules of mediocrity and you’re passionate about making change. Now what?

Lots of people right now are looking to express, channel and monetize their passions through businesses. Jonathan takes you on a serious in depth journey through a very subject that quite frankly he could have charged for but is providing free in this post. Passion alone won’t build a business.

Urban MonkIntroducing Urban Monk Raw

My good friend Albert from Australia it seems has come out of his lull and is transforming his personal expression over at Urban Monk. I completely dig his work and this post is a seriously bad ass raw look at Alberts journey with and how shedding his layers as of late has allowed him to free his expression transform what you’ll read at from now on.

Dragos RouaThe Magic Fairy Exercise

Not a blog I’ve honestly read a lot in the past but I got hooked with this post. Dragos tells the story of a Bedouin (a member of a nomadic tribe of Arabs) One of the best spins on goal setting I’ve read in a long time. Goal setting can come across for some of us as a pretty worn out subject but it’s importance and simplicity are definitely made clear here.

Dragos is also a smart marketer and does some pretty cool spins with this article that includes us the readers. It’s s lesson unto itself. Definitely worth paying attention to.

Balance In MeBalance Within You-Where Does It Start?

And finally balance in me is by Anastasiya. She’s a charming writer that in this post spreads her wings and shares with you what her core beliefs are and where she gets her strength from. My interpretation was that without knowing where our inner core belief in ones self is how would we ever have the strength to make it through all of these other steps like the lull, risking breaking the rules, passionately starting a business etc?

She was a bit hesitant about sharing she admits but I for one appreciate and stand for her sharing her core belief in where she finds her strength.

I hope you find these all helpful in your journey.

I know they were an important part of where I’m at right now.

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