Why Nothing Should Last Forever (For Good Reason)

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Nothing Lasts Forever

We are in this world to have many experiences it seems to me and being happy is a big one but it’s complimented (Contrasted is a better word) by our other feelings & emotions.

I call it being beautifully human.

The point where we love, laugh, cry or hate. It’s all part of being beautifully & human and living in the moment. It’s the ups and downs and going through the low’s to appreciate the highs.

One way is looking at your life as a movie and you’re the star.

To play your role, whatever small or large part that may be is your journey made up of your choices.

Sometimes, just maybe, you feel like you just haven’t found your script yet, right?

Introvert, extrovert, lover, fighter, adventurer, couch potato. Maybe all the above? I’m a little bit of all of them myself and more. It’s my many selves I chose to be any any moment..

Which one leads you to finding your purpose?

I’m reading a book right now that I’ll review in detail later called Chants of a Lifetime. It was sent to me by Hayhouse publishers. On occasion I’m going to review some of their books they send me if I find they resonate with me.  (Yes that’s my disclaimer)

The Movie Of Me

This book has a chapter that certainly did resonate with me and this message. It’s called the Movie of Me.

Everything we do in life is connected to everyone and everything else, but because we’re locked in our own little world, when we reach out to touch another person, all we touch is our version of the other person and all they touch is their version of us. We’re very rarely really touching each other.“-Krishna Das

I thought that was so very powerful & true. Aren’t we all just caught up in our world, or our Movie of Me?

Quite frankly I don’t always see the problem of that myself. Focusing on my movie has allowed me to touch a lot of peoples lives for the better. I call it focus. On the other hand, I do question if I could play a larger role by truly opening myself up more and connecting with people on an even deeper level.

Connecting With More Than Me

I posted the above quote on my facebook page the other day and I had my friend Matt Geib ask a great question:

“SO just HOW does one TOUCH that ‘Authentic‘ person we reach out to & NOT just our VERSION of that individual?”

Here was my response:

My opinion would be The first step to touching the authentic part of other people is to first be authentic yourself. Suspend judgments. The more in truth you are with yourself and the more congruent your actions are with that truth, the more opportunity you have to connect authentically with others. Standing in your truth in my experience gives other people permission to do the same. You be real, they’ll be real.

Can you imagine what this would feel like? I do it here on my blog all the time. Open myself up like a book and I get the emails from people who open up parts of their lives to me that they’d probably never do otherwise. Being authentic works not only for you but for those around you.

I know some people may say, “Oh I can’t possibly make myself that vulnerable.” I say, why not?

We’re not here forever and nothing lasts, whether that be the hurt of rejection or the feeling or acceptance from someone.

Why Nothing Should Last Forever

If you get the chance I encourage you to watch the movie The Curious Life of Benjamen Buttons. A great line from the movie:

It’s never too late or too early to be who you are.“-Brad Pitt

If you watch the movie, you’ll see just how precious life is and our experiences are. It’s the moments we live in and how much we be our authentic selves that defines the types of experiences we have while here. Contrast is part of being human. It seems it’s not until we look back on our lives that we realize how beautifully human we were (are) and how much opportunity we took to live it. (or don’t)

Nothing lasts forever and with good reason.

If nothing ended, like the tender moment of a parent looking into their toddlers eyes or the warm touch of your lovers touch or a gleefully spent afternoon at the beach with your family, you’d never have anything to contrast it with in order to fully make up the experience.

In what ways can you be more open and authentic right now in your life in order to contrast the moments of your life?

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