Living Life At The Speed of Trust

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I Don’t Trust You

What If said to you, “I don’t trust you.

Just consider how it feels for a minute.

Did it piss you off or maybe hurt your feelings?

Did you shrug it off and say you don’t give a shit?

I want you to ask yourself another question…

Would you ever think of saying such a thing to yourself out loud or in your head?

Go ahead, say it to yourself.

Feels awkward doesn’t it?

It felt really weird when I gave thought to it but I have to admit I’ve said it to myself lately. There’s been a price to pay for it too.

“One comes, finally, to believe whatever one repeats to one’s self, whether the statement is true or false.”-Napoleon Hill

All you and I have to do is look around at our results in life in order to see if the statement is true or not.

“If you’re really growing internally, your life will reveal clear evidence of positive change.”-Steve Pavlina

If this hurts I’m almost sorry. I’m taking stock and sharing some of my own inner dialogue with you and if it happens to resonate that means the good stuff coming up will too. 😉

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself,

  • Is trust a currency I really believe in?
  • If so do I spend it on myself first and foremost?” (Like paying yourself first = savings)
  • “And if not should I, would I and could I be willing to give myself permission to spend it on me…in truckloads?”

You see, if you don’t trust yourself, you won’t give yourself permission to live your life out loud.

You have to trust yourself into action.

If you’re not growing (via measurable results) you either don’t trust yourself to take action or you’re afraid of getting it wrong when you do.

So what do you do?

  • You read another book
  • Listen to another audio
  • Attend another seminar
  • Buy another course
  • Or you just make up some lame damn excuse why none of it is working.

Sometimes you just have to have faith in the fact that you’re moving in the right direction, even if you’re not totally sure yet!

Who cares if you get it right at first?

If you’re not getting criticized then you’re probably not taking enough of a risk!

You may very well be standing still and playing it too damn safe.

You have to trust yourself into action.

Standing Still In Life

Anything is better than just standing still, even if you get it wrong the first time around.

Let me ask you, could you compose any music if you didn’t pick up the instrument?

Believe me, I think I’ve stood still for damn near 5 years of my life and It sucked.

  • All because I didn’t trust myself to make the right decisions
  • All because I allowed my past actions and how I felt about myself to dictate what I did (or didn’t do) in the present
  • All because I judged myself more than anyone else ever could have
  • All because I didn’t trust myself to make the moves then make them right
  • I didn’t want to be wrong
  • I didn’t trust myself to be able to handle the criticism if I got it wrong
  • I didn’t want to be responsible if I got it right (Jeeze right?!)
  • I didn’t trust myself to be able to have faith in something bigger than me

Today I ask that you and I take the pledged to have faith in something bigger than ourselves.

Today I ask that you and I pledge to work together to overcome our inner obstacles when they pop up, not before. That way we can’t use them as an excuse for not getting started.

Today I ask that we support one another in living our lives out loud, whatever that process looks like.

Getting It Wrong To Get It Right

I’ll use my blog writing escapade as an example of trusting myself into action and even finding support in the last place you’d ever imagine.

To this day I still don’t get my blogging grammar right and honestly I haven’t really tried terribly hard. I still misspell a word even after I’ve spell checked it a gazillion times. I write like I talk much of the time so I’m sure the technical writers can’t even stomach my writing because of it.

I still get criticized from time to time for using words wrong or spelling them incorrectly and you know what?

I get annoyed.

Yes, admittedly I do. I say to myself, “You mean you read that whole fucking article and the only thing you got out of it was that I spelled 2 words wrong and I shouldn’t have used a preposition at the end of the sentence?” Oh, and then I insert another expletive somewhere afterwords too. Not very mature.

Yes I’ve trusted myself to do the best I can and then I’ve pushed publish.

You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.“-Mike Litman

That quote worked when I first started blogging and believe me I’ve come a long way from my first blog however you and I can’t live in the past.

I can’t use, “Oh I’m just getting it going” as a crutch anymore.

No, there comes a time to step up your game.

There’s a gift to be found even in the critic. (Damnit)

The other side of the coin is these people are demanding the best out of me, they are acknowledging where I can become stronger and maybe even taken more seriously as a writer.

They probably give a damn if you think about it. Otherwise they would just say, “Um, he’s a douche who can’t doesn’t care enough to take the time to spell right” and dismiss my message all together.

My perception is to accept the gift they are giving me. How you perceive it is up to you.

An Artists Way

“I think to call someone an Artist means they have some sense of a higher purpose beyond commerce. Not that they don’t profit from their work, or promote themselves, but that the work itself has spiritual, philosophical, emotional or experiential attributes as central goals. An artist’s work is about an idea, a feeling, or an exploration of a form, framed more by their own intuitions, than the checklists and protocols of bureaucracies and corporations.”- Scott Berkun

This whole quote really spoke to me. Even though he spent his time telling you why you’re not an artist by definition, I want to share with you why I think you are.

He says, “An artists work is about an idea, a feeling or an exploration of a form, framed by their own intuitions.

  • What is the idea, feeling or life that you want to explore today?
  • How will you frame it for the world to see?
  • Trust yourself to live by your own intuition so that you can get to work on it.
  • Splash yourself in dramatic fashion all over your canvas of life!

Watch as the paint drips even in the dark corners of the room that surround you and live in the light of your day because this is what the people who create art do.

Bless your mess then get undressed and dance in the rain of life.

Your life is your greatest masterpiece. It’s your art. It’s your message to the world.

Trust yourself into action. Say your message out loud. Live it out loud.

What Are Your Possibilities

Here’s a question to ask yourself:

What would you need to believe for it to be possible to leave every person, place or moment better than when you first encountered it?

If you just said “that’s not possible,” then just click the little “X” at the top of the page.

You must believe in the possibilities, then the details will follow.

The more you have faith trust in yourself, surround yourself with people who support you and nurture those relationships, the easier it is for you to create your ideal life. You’ll be more willing to take positive risk.

I am surrounded by amazing people who love me, care for me, empower me and support me but none of it means anything if I don’t trust myself to be open to them, to learn from them and to see my inner most greatness within them. I love he critic and the cynic just as much as the supporter.

To trust my own greatness and intuition is the 1st step in living life at the speed of trust.

When you fall in love with you again and really trust yourself into action you will:

  • Risk experiencing success
  • Risk having positive experiences
  • Risk meeting more new empowering relationships
  • Risk moving forward from fear to freedom

It’s a calculated risk my friend. It’s only a matter of time before you create a life message that reaches out far enough to touch the inner most core of someone who you change their life forever.

The speed of which it all happens is up to you.

This is a life at the speed of trust.

You have to trust yourself into action.

Even though this message was more for me than anything, would you share this with someone today? I can’t help but feel it’s exactly what someone else is ready to hear.

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