The Scary Truth Behind Marketing For Coaches, Experts & Niche Bloggers

If you’ve ever struggled with or been at odds with marketing then you’ll love this video. Here’s what marketing for coaches really is and what it can do to increase your sales and results.


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The #1 Goal Of Marketing Is…

marketing-for-coachesYour goal is to make selling literally unnecessary. Okay, because as marketers, which is really what I’m turning all of you into right now, like little marketers, or light warriors I like to say, little light marketers. Because marketing can be used for bad, it can be used for good, just like anything else, right? We live in a world of duality.

People who don’t see both sides are living in greed and suffering. So we have to not only identify both sides of what marketing can and can’t be, but what part we want to focus on.

Here’s What You Really Do With Your Marketing

With marketing and sales, I don’t see it as something you do someone, I see it as something you serve them with. And so as marketers our only job is to facilitate communication, let our coaching and mentoring do all the heavy work. Let it do all the heavy lifting, meaning let it provide the results. The rest will happen after that.

All we have to do is communicate the value. That’s all we have to do. Communicate the idea.

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